Oguzhan Alagoz
Oguzhan Alagoz
Proctor & Gamble Bascom Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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State-transition modeling: a report of the ISPOR-SMDM modeling good research practices task force–3
U Siebert, O Alagoz, AM Bayoumi, B Jahn, DK Owens, DJ Cohen, ...
Medical Decision Making 32 (5), 690-700, 2012
Markov decision processes: a tool for sequential decision making under uncertainty
O Alagoz, H Hsu, AJ Schaefer, MS Roberts
Medical Decision Making 30 (4), 474-483, 2010
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SK Plevritis, D Munoz, AW Kurian, NK Stout, O Alagoz, AM Near, SJ Lee, ...
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JS Mandelblatt, NK Stout, CB Schechter, JJ Van Den Broek, DL Miglioretti, ...
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The optimal timing of living-donor liver transplantation
O Alagoz, LM Maillart, AJ Schaefer, MS Roberts
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Modeling secrecy and deception in a multiple-period attacker–defender signaling game
J Zhuang, VM Bier, O Alagoz
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OR Forum—A POMDP approach to personalize mammography screening decisions
T Ayer, O Alagoz, NK Stout
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Comparison of logistic regression and artificial neural network models in breast cancer risk estimation
T Ayer, J Chhatwal, O Alagoz, CE Kahn Jr, RW Woods, ES Burnside
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Benefits, harms, and cost-effectiveness of supplemental ultrasonography screening for women with dense breasts
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Breast cancer risk estimation with artificial neural networks revisited: discrimination and calibration
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Determining the acceptance of cadaveric livers using an implicit model of the waiting list
O Alagoz, LM Maillart, AJ Schaefer, MS Roberts
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Effects of screening and systemic adjuvant therapy on ER-specific US breast cancer mortality
D Munoz, AM Near, NT Van Ravesteyn, SJ Lee, CB Schechter, O Alagoz, ...
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Optimal breast biopsy decision-making based on mammographic features and demographic factors
J Chhatwal, O Alagoz, ES Burnside
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Benefits, harms, and costs for breast cancer screening after US implementation of digital mammography
NK Stout, SJ Lee, CB Schechter, K Kerlikowske, O Alagoz, D Berry, ...
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Tipping the balance of benefits and harms to favor screening mammography starting at age 40 years: a comparative modeling study of risk
NT Van Ravesteyn, DL Miglioretti, NK Stout, SJ Lee, CB Schechter, ...
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A clinically based discrete-event simulation of end-stage liver disease and the organ allocation process
SM Shechter, CL Bryce, O Alagoz, JE Kreke, JE Stahl, AJ Schaefer, ...
Medical Decision Making 25 (2), 199-209, 2005
A survey of optimization models on cancer chemotherapy treatment planning
J Shi, O Alagoz, FS Erenay, Q Su
Annals of Operations Research 221, 331-356, 2014
Comparative effectiveness of combined digital mammography and tomosynthesis screening for women with dense breasts
CI Lee, M Cevik, O Alagoz, BL Sprague, ANA Tosteson, DL Miglioretti, ...
Radiology 274 (3), 772-780, 2015
Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on breast cancer mortality in the US: estimates from collaborative simulation modeling
O Alagoz, KP Lowry, AW Kurian, JS Mandelblatt, MA Ergun, H Huang, ...
JNCI: Journal of the National Cancer Institute 113 (11), 1484-1494, 2021
Tailoring breast cancer screening intervals by breast density and risk for women aged 50 years or older: collaborative modeling of screening outcomes
A Trentham-Dietz, K Kerlikowske, NK Stout, DL Miglioretti, CB Schechter, ...
Annals of internal medicine 165 (10), 700-712, 2016
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