Валентин Казанджиев / Valentin Kazandjiev
Валентин Казанджиев / Valentin Kazandjiev
Професор по агрометеорология, НИМХ / Professor Dr. in NIMH
Потвърден имейл адрес: meteo.bg
Agroclimatic indices and simulation models
J Eitzinger, S Thaler, S Orlandini, P Nejedlik, V Kazandjiev, V Vučetić, ...
Agroclimatic practices and applications in European regarding climate change …, 2008
Validation of LAI and assessment of winter wheat status using spectral data and vegetation indices from SPOT VEGETATION and simulated PROBA-V images
E Roumenina, V Kazandjiev, P Dimitrov, L Filchev, V Vassilev, G Jelev, ...
International journal of remote sensing 34 (8), 2888-2904, 2013
Applications of agroclimatic indices and process oriented crop simulation models in European agriculture
J Eitzinger, S Thaler, S Orlandini, P Nejedlik, V Kazandjiev, TH Sivertsen, ...
Idojaras 113 (1–2), 1-12, 2009
Climate change, agroclimatic resources and agroclimatic zoning of agriculture in Bulgaria
V Kazandjiev, M Moteva, V Georgieva
Sustainable Agricultural Engineering, 109, 2010
Climate change, agroclimatic resources and agroclimatic zoning of agriculture in Bulgaria, 2009. 9-th EMS
V Kazandjiev, V Georgieva, M Moteva
ECAM Conference, Toulouse, France http://meetingorganizer. copernicus. org …, 2009
Impact of climate change on water supply of winter wheat in Bulgaria
V Georgieva, M Moteva, V Kazandjiev
Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus 72 (1), 39-44, 2007
Assessment of occupational heat stress risk among agriculture workers in Poland and Bulgaria
K Błażejczyk, V Kazandjiev, M Degórski, P Dimitrov
Europa 21 (29), 59-72, 2015
Climatological and Meteorological Information for Future Sustainable Agriculture in Bulgaria
M Moteva, V Kazandjiev, V Georgieva
Environment, Ecology and Sustainability at the Beginning of 21st Century, 91-111, 2015
A computer program for drip irrigation system design for small plots
N Philipova, O Nicheva, V Kazandjiev, M Chilikova-Lubomirova
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 42 (4), 3-18, 2012
Multifractal characterization and comparison of meteorological time series from two climatic zones
J Krzyszczak, P Baranowski, M Zubik, V Kazandjiev, V Georgieva, ...
Theoretical and Applied Climatology 137 (3-4), 1811-1824, 2019
Climate change and agrometeorological conditions for growing winter crops in Bulgaria
V Georgieva, V Kazandjiev
Sci Pares Ser A Agron 56, 459-467, 2013
Using results of modelled yield deviation and indices of weather extremes towards a better yield assessment–current state of research
B Lalic, J Eitzinger, S Thaler, P Nejedlik, V Kazandjiev, V Vucetic, ...
International Conference on current knowledge of Climate Change Impacts on …, 2011
Climatically assured water supply for agricultural crops in Bulgaria
M Moteva, V Georgieva, V Kazandzhiev
Agricultural Engineering (Bulgaria), 2009
Agroclimatic resources and definition of less favored areas at the beginning of XXI century in Bulgaria, Conference “Global Environmental Change–Challenges to Science and …
V Kazandjiev
CD version, 2008
Assessment of conditions in South Bulgaria for spring crop growing using agrometeorological indices
V Georgieva, N Shopova, V Kazandjiev
AIP Conference Proceedings 2075 (1), 120014, 2019
On the relationship between atmospheric and soil drought in some agricultural regions of Sough Bulgaria
V Georgieva, S Radeva, V Kazandjiev
Bulgarian Journal of Meteorology and Hydrology 22 (3-4), 42-53, 2017
Agroclimatic Conditions in Bulgaria and Agricultural Adaptation
V Kazandjiev, M Degórski, K Błażejczyk, V Georgieva
Europa XXI 29, 23-42, 2015
Investigation on soil moisture reserves and meteorological conditions in relation to basic soil types in Bulgaria
V Georgieva, V Kazandjiev, M Degórski, K Blazejezyk, M Kucheik, ...
Europa 21 (29), 43-58, 2015
Biometric state of winter wheat agroecosystem determined through ground based measurements and satellite images with different resolution
V Kazandjiev, E Roumenina, V Georgieva, P Dimitrov, G Zhelev
Balk Ecol 17 (2), 123-143, 2014
Different indices and characterizing of agrometeorological drought conditions
V Kazandjiev, V Georgieva
Proceeding 14th international multidisciplinary scientific geoconferences …, 2014
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