Robert J. Bialik
Robert J. Bialik
Head of Department of Antarctic Research, Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics PAS
Потвърден имейл адрес: ibb.waw.pl
Dissolved oxygen and water temperature dynamics in lowland rivers over various timescales
A Rajwa-Kuligiewicz, RJ Bialik, PM Rowiński
Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics 63 (4), 353-363, 2015
3D Lagrangian modelling of saltating particles diffusion in turbulent water flow
RJ Bialik, VI Nikora, PM Rowiński
Acta Geophysica 60, 1639-1660, 2012
Recent deceleration of the ice elevation change of Ecology Glacier (King George Island, Antarctica)
M Pętlicki, J Sziło, S MacDonell, S Vivero, RJ Bialik
Remote Sensing 9 (6), 520, 2017
Particle–particle collision in Lagrangian modelling of saltating grains
RJ Bialik
Journal of Hydraulic Research 49 (1), 23-31, 2011
Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and other organic pollutants in freshwaters on the western shore of Admiralty Bay (King George Island, Maritime Antarctica)
M Szopińska, D Szumińska, RJ Bialik, T Dymerski, E Rosenberg, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 26, 18143-18161, 2019
Breeding colony dynamics of southern elephant seals at Patelnia Point, King George Island, Antarctica
K Fudala, RJ Bialik
Remote Sensing 12 (18), 2964, 2020
Diffusion of bedload particles in open-channel flows: distribution of travel times and second-order statistics of particle trajectories
RJ Bialik, VI Nikora, M Karpiński, PM Rowiński
Environmental Fluid Mechanics 15, 1281-1292, 2015
Investigation of Sediment-Rich glacial meltwater plumes using a high-resolution multispectral sensor mounted on an unmanned aerial vehicle
KA Wójcik, RJ Bialik, M Osińska, M Figielski
Water 11 (11), 2405, 2019
Recession and ice surface elevation changes of Baranowski Glacier and its impact on proglacial relief (King George Island, West Antarctica)
J Sziło, RJ Bialik
Geosciences 8 (10), 355, 2018
Numerical study of saltation of non-uniform grains
RJ Bialik
Journal of Hydraulic Research 49 (5), 697-701, 2011
Impact of a newly-formed periglacial environment and other factors on fresh water chemistry at the western shore of Admiralty Bay in the summer of 2016 (King George Island …
M Szopińska, D Szumińska, RJ Bialik, S Chmiel, J Plenzler, Ż Polkowska
Science of The Total Environment 613, 619-634, 2018
Bedform characteristics in natural and regulated channels: A comparative field study on the Wilga River, Poland
R Bialik, M Karpiński, A Rajwa, B Luks, P Rowiński
Acta Geophysica 62 (6), 1413-1434, 2014
The use of drone-based aerial photogrammetry in population monitoring of Southern Giant Petrels in ASMA 1, King George Island, maritime Antarctica
K Fudala, RJ Bialik
Global Ecology and Conservation 33, e01990, 2022
Grain size distribution of bedload transport in a glaciated catchment (Baranowski Glacier, King George Island, Western Antarctica)
J Sziło, RJ Bialik
Water 10 (4), 360, 2018
Bedload transport in two creeks at the ice-free area of the Baranowski Glacier, King George Island, West Antarctica
J Sziło, R Bialik
Polish Polar Research 38 (1), 21-39, 2017
Climatic conditions at Arctowski Station (King George Island, West Antarctica) in 2013–2017 against the background of regional changes
J Plenzler, T Budzik, D Puczko, RJ Bialik
Polish Polar Research 40 (1), 1-27, 2019
Biomechanical properties of aquatic plants: The effect of test conditions
AM Łoboda, Ł Przyborowski, M Karpiński, RJ Bialik, VI Nikora
Limnology and Oceanography: Methods, 2018
Numerical study of near-bed turbulence structures influence on the initiation of saltating grains movement
RJ Bialik
Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics 61 (3), 202-207, 2013
Wavelet characteristics of hydrological and dissolved oxygen time series in a lowland river
A Rajwa-Kuligiewicz, RJ Bialik, PM Rowiński
Acta Geophysica 64, 649-669, 2016
On the numerical analysis of bed-load transport of saltating grains
RJ Bialik, W Czernuszenko
International Journal of Sediment Research 28 (3), 413-420, 2013
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