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Andrew Ash
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Rotational grazing on rangelands: reconciliation of perception and experimental evidence
DD Briske, JD Derner, JR Brown, SD Fuhlendorf, WR Teague, ...
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JCZ Woinarski, AJ Ash
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JRA Butler, W Suadnya, K Puspadi, Y Sutaryono, RM Wise, TD Skewes, ...
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Evaluating stocking rate impacts in rangelands: animals don't practice what we preach.
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Constraints and opportunities in applying seasonal climate forecasts in agriculture
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Building grass castles: integrating ecology and management of Australia's tropical tallgrass rangelands.
AJ Ash, JG McIvor, JJ Mott, MH Andrew
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Tree-grass relationships in open eucalypt woodlands of northeastern Australia: influence of trees on pasture productivity, forage quality and species distribution
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S Lisson, N MacLeod, C McDonald, J Corfield, B Pengelly, L Wirajaswadi, ...
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State and transition models: theory, applications, and challenges
BT Bestelmeyer, A Ash, JR Brown, B Densambuu, M Fernández-Giménez, ...
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Simulation of grazing strategies for beef production in north-east Queensland
G McKeon, A Ash, W Hall, MS Smith
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Global rangeland production systems and livelihoods at threat under climate change and variability
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Environmental Research Letters 15 (4), 044021, 2020
The effect of supplementation with leaves from the leguminous trees Sesbania grandiflora, Albizia chinensis and Gliricidia sepium on the intake and digestibility of guinea …
AJ Ash
Animal Feed Science and Technology 28 (3-4), 225-232, 1990
How season of grazing and herbivore selectivity influence monsoon tall‐grass communities of northern Australia
AJ Ash, JG McIvor
Journal of Vegetation Science 9 (1), 123-132, 1998
Grazing systems expansion and intensification: Drivers, dynamics, and trade-offs
CM Godde, T Garnett, PK Thornton, AJ Ash, M Herrero
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Factors affecting the management of cattle grazing distribution in northern Australia: preliminary observations on the effect of paddock size and water points1
LP Hunt, S Petty, R Cowley, A Fisher, AJ Ash, N MacDonald
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Learning from history to survive in the future: management evolution on Trafalgar Station, north-east Queensland.
RG Landsberg, AJ Ash, RK Shepherd, GM McKeon
The Rangeland Journal 20 (1), 104-118, 1998
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