Aichun Zhu
Aichun Zhu
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Dssl: Deep surroundings-person separation learning for text-based person retrieval
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Exploring a rich spatial–temporal dependent relational model for skeleton-based action recognition by bidirectional LSTM-CNN
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Look before you leap: Improving text-based person retrieval by learning a consistent cross-modal common manifold
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IMG-Net: inner-cross-modal attentional multigranular network for description-based person re-identification
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Exposing image resampling forgery by using linear parametric model
T Qiao, A Zhu, F Retraint
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SUM: Serialized Updating and Matching for text-based person retrieval
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Abnormal event detection via the analysis of multi-frame optical flow information
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Synchronous spatiotemporal graph transformer: A new framework for traffic data prediction
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Pose-Guided Inflated 3D ConvNet for action recognition in videos
Q Wu, A Zhu, R Cui, T Wang, F Hu, Y Bao, H Snoussi
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Amen: Adversarial multi-space embedding network for text-based person re-identification
Z Wang, J Xue, A Zhu, Y Li, M Zhang, C Zhong
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CACrowdGAN: Cascaded attentional generative adversarial network for crowd counting
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Recapnet: Action proposal generation mimicking human cognitive process
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Hard sample mining and learning for skeleton-based human action recognition and identification
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Human pose estimation with multiple mixture parts model based on upper body categories
A Zhu, H Snoussi, T Wang, A Cherouat
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Wi-ATCN: Attentional temporal convolutional network for human action prediction using WiFi channel state information
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Multi-source learning for skeleton-based action recognition using deep LSTM networks
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Deep-Learning-Based End-to-End Predictions of CO2 Capture in Metal–Organic Frameworks
C Lu, X Wan, X Ma, X Guan, A Zhu
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 62 (14), 3281-3290, 2022
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