Ilias Strachinis
Ilias Strachinis
PhD Candidate, Department of Genetics, Development and Molecular Biology, Aristotle University of
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First record of Cydalima perspectalis (Walker, 1859)(Lepidoptera: Crambidae) in Greece
I Strachinis, C Kazilas, F Karamaouna, NE Papanikolaou, ...
Hellenic Plant Protection Journal 8 (2), 66-72, 2015
Phylogeography of a cryptic speciation continuum in Eurasian spadefoot toads (Pelobates)
C Dufresnes, I Strachinis, N Suriadna, G Mykytynets, D Cogălniceanu, ...
Molecular Ecology 28 (13), 3257-3270, 2019
Call a spade a spade: taxonomy and distribution of Pelobates, with description of a new Balkan endemic
C Dufresnes, I Strachinis, E Tzoras, SN Litvinchuk, M Denoël
ZooKeys 859, 131, 2019
Podarcis vaucheri (Sauria: Lacertidae) far away from home: a new invasive species in Greece
L Spilani, I Strachinis, A Lampropoulos, P Tsigas, N Poulakakis, P Pafilis
Amphibia-Reptilia 39 (3), 363-368, 2018
First record of Tarentola mauritanica (LINNAEUS, 1758), from Athens, Greece
I Strachinis, P Pafilis
Herpetozoa 31 (1-2), 98-99, 2018
Additions to the known herpetofauna of the Island of Ithaki, Ionian Sea, Greece
I Strachinis, D Artavanis
Herpetozoa 30 (1-2), 64-66, 2017
new record of Tarentola mauritanica (squamata: Phyllodactylidae) from Lesvos island, Greece
V Mizerakis, I Strachinis
Herpetology Notes 10, 157-159, 2017
The distribution and biogeography of slow worms (Anguis, Squamata) across the Western Palearctic, with an emphasis on secondary contact zones
D Jablonski, N Sillero, O Oskyrko, A Bellati, A Čeirāns, M Cheylan, ...
Amphibia-Reptilia 42 (4), 519-530, 2021
A reassessment of the diversity of green toads (Bufotes) in the circum‐Aegean region
C Dufresnes, NM Probonas, I Strachinis
Integrative Zoology 16 (3), 420-428, 2021
Algyroides nigropunctatus (Squamata: Lacertidae) in the city of Athens: An unexpected finding
A Deimezis-Tsikoutas, G Kapsalas, A Antonopoulos, I Strachinis, P Pafilis
Russian Journal of Herpetology 27 (3), 172-174, 2020
Terrestrial herpetofauna of Limnos and Agios Efstratios (Northern Aegean, Greece), including new species records for Malpolon insignitus (Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1827) and …
I Strachinis, SA Roussos
Herpetology Notes 9, 237-248, 2016
A case of piebaldism in the Anatolian Worm Lizard, Blanus strauchi (Bedriaga, 1884), from Kastellorizo Island, Greece (Squamata: Blanidae)
C Kazilas, K Kalaentzis, I Strachinis
Herpetology Notes 11, 527-529, 2018
Two cases of melanism in Ring-headed Dwarf Snake Eirenis modestus (Martin, 1838) (Serpentes: Colubridae) from Kastellorizo, Greece
K Kalaentzis, C Kazilas, I Strachinis
Herpetology Notes 11, 175-178, 2018
Utilization of citizen science data to monitor alien species: the box tree moth Cydalima perspectalis (Walker, 1859)(Lepidoptera: Crambidae) invades natural vegetation in Greece.
C Kazilas, K Kalaentzis, J Demetriou, E Koutsoukos, I Strachinis, ...
BioInvasions Record 10 (4), 2021
Tarentola mauritanica (Squamata: Phyllodactylidae) conquering the Greek mainland: three new populations from Aetoloakarnania, Western Greece.
I Strachinis, N Paterekas, E Tzoras
Russian Journal of Herpetology 27 (3), 2020
New records and an updated list of the herpetofauna of Kastellorizo and the adjacent islet Psomi (Dodecanese, Greece)
K Kalaentzis, I Strachinis, P Katsiyiannis, P Oefinger, C Kazilas
Herpetology Notes 11, 1009-1019, 2018
First record of the Egyptian fruit bat, Rousettus aegyptiacus (Pteropodidae), from Kastellorizo island, Greece
I Strachinis, K Kalaentzis, P Katsiyiannis, C Kazilas
Mammalia 82 (6), 611-613, 2018
No one ever noticed: First report of Zootoca vivipara (Lichtenstein, 1823) in Greece
I Strachinis, KM Karagianni, M Stanchev, N Stanchev
Herpetology Notes 12, 53-56, 2019
First detection of the amphibian chytrid fungus (Batrachochytridium dendrobatidis) in free-living anuran populations in Greece
PN Azmanis, I Strachinis, P Lymberakis, RE Marschang
Journal of the Hellenic Veterinary Medical Society 67 (4), 253-258, 2016
Phylogeography and systematics of Algyroides (Sauria: Lacertidae) of the Balkan Peninsula
I Strachinis, N Poulakakis, N Karaiskou, P Patronidis, I Patramanis, ...
Zoologica Scripta 50 (3), 282-299, 2021
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