Matthias A. Becher
Matthias A. Becher
RIFCON GmbH, Germany
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BEEHAVE: a systems model of honeybee colony dynamics and foraging to explore multifactorial causes of colony failure
MA Becher, V Grimm, P Thorbek, J Horn, PJ Kennedy, JL Osborne
Journal of applied ecology 51 (2), 470-482, 2014
Towards a systems approach for understanding honeybee decline: a stocktaking and synthesis of existing models
MA Becher, JL Osborne, P Thorbek, PJ Kennedy, V Grimm
Journal of Applied Ecology 50 (4), 868-880, 2013
Pupal developmental temperature and behavioral specialization of honeybee workers (Apis mellifera L.)
MA Becher, H Scharpenberg, RFA Moritz
Journal of Comparative Physiology A 195, 673-679, 2009
Bumble‐BEEHAVE: A systems model for exploring multifactorial causes of bumblebee decline at individual, colony, population and community level
MA Becher, G Twiston‐Davies, TD Penny, D Goulson, EL Rotheray, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 55 (6), 2790-2801, 2018
BEESCOUT: A model of bee scouting behaviour and a software tool for characterizing nectar/pollen landscapes for BEEHAVE
MA Becher, V Grimm, J Knapp, J Horn, G Twiston-Davies, JL Osborne
Ecological modelling 340, 126-133, 2016
Predictive systems models can help elucidate bee declines driven by multiple combined stressors
M Henry, MA Becher, JL Osborne, PJ Kennedy, P Aupinel, V Bretagnolle, ...
Apidologie 48, 328-339, 2017
Brood temperature, task division and colony survival in honeybees: A model
MA Becher, H Hildenbrandt, CK Hemelrijk, RFA Moritz
Ecological Modelling 221 (5), 769-776, 2010
Multiple stressors: using the honeybee model BEEHAVE to explore how spatial and temporal forage stress affects colony resilience
J Horn, MA Becher, PJ Kennedy, JL Osborne, V Grimm
Oikos 125 (7), 1001-1016, 2016
Predicting honeybee colony failure: Using the BEEHAVE model to simulate colony responses to pesticides
JCO Rumkee, MA Becher, P Thorbek, PJ Kennedy, JL Osborne
Environmental science & technology 49 (21), 12879-12887, 2015
A new device for continuous temperature measurement in brood cells of honeybees (Apis mellifera)
MA Becher, RFA Moritz
Apidologie 40 (5), 577-584, 2009
Long‐term effects of antibiotic treatments on honeybee colony fitness: A modelling approach
L Bulson, MA Becher, TJ McKinley, L Wilfert
Journal of Applied Ecology 58 (1), 70-79, 2021
Modeling effects of honeybee behaviors on the distribution of pesticide in nectar within a hive and resultant in-hive exposure
JCO Rumkee, MA Becher, P Thorbek, JL Osborne
Environmental Science & Technology 51 (12), 6908-6917, 2017
Honeybee colonies compensate for pesticide-induced effects on royal jelly composition and brood survival with increased brood production
M Schott, M Sandmann, JE Cresswell, MA Becher, G Eichner, DT Brandt, ...
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 62, 2021
Honey bee colony performance affected by crop diversity and farmland structure: a modeling framework
J Horn, MA Becher, K Johst, PJ Kennedy, JL Osborne, V Radchuk, ...
Ecological Applications 31 (1), e02216, 2021
Bombus terrestris in a mass‐flowering pollinator‐dependent crop: A mutualistic relationship?
JL Knapp, MA Becher, CC Rankin, G Twiston‐Davies, JL Osborne
Ecology and Evolution 9 (1), 609-618, 2019
Bio-hybrid systems for ecosystem level effects
A Ilgün, K Angelov, M Stefanec, S Schönwetter-Fuchs, V Stokanic, ...
Artificial Life Conference Proceedings 33 2021 (1), 41, 2021
The influence of developmental temperatures on division of labour in honeybee colonies
MA Becher
Halle (Saale), Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Diss., 2010, 2010
BEE‐STEWARD: A research and decision‐support software for effective land management to promote bumblebee populations
G Twiston‐Davies, MA Becher, JL Osborne
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 12 (10), 1809-1815, 2021
Effects of sinusoidal vibrations on the motion response of honeybees
M Stefanec, H Oberreiter, MA Becher, G Haase, T Schmickl
Frontiers in Physics 9, 670555, 2021
Simulation of Varroa mite control in honey bee colonies without synthetic acaricides: Demonstration of Good Beekeeping Practice for Germany in the BEEHAVE model
I Schödl, R Odemer, MA Becher, S Berg, C Otten, V Grimm, J Groeneveld
Ecology and Evolution 12 (11), e9456, 2022
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