Jed Diekfuss
Jed Diekfuss
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Visual illusions affect motor performance, but not learning in highly skilled shooters
M Bahmani, JA Diekfuss, R Rostami, N Ataee, F Ghadiri
Journal of Motor Learning and Development 6 (2), 220-233, 2018
Does brain functional connectivity contribute to musculoskeletal injury? A preliminary prospective analysis of a neural biomarker of ACL injury risk
JA Diekfuss, DR Grooms, W Yuan, J Dudley, KDB Foss, S Thomas, ...
Journal of science and medicine in sport 22 (2), 169-174, 2019
Brain-behavior mechanisms for the transfer of neuromuscular training adaptions to simulated sport: initial findings from the train the brain project
DR Grooms, AW Kiefer, MA Riley, JD Ellis, S Thomas, K Kitchen, ...
Journal of sport rehabilitation 27 (5), 2018
Diffusion tensor imaging in athletes sustaining repetitive head impacts: a systematic review of prospective studies
DK Schneider, R Galloway, JJ Bazarian, JA Diekfuss, J Dudley, JL Leach, ...
Journal of neurotrauma 36 (20), 2831-2849, 2019
The influence of attentional focus on balance control over seven days of training
JA Diekfuss, CK Rhea, RJ Schmitz, DR Grooms, RW Wilkins, AB Slutsky, ...
Journal of motor behavior 51 (3), 281-292, 2019
Postural control entropy is increased when adopting an external focus of attention.
CK Rhea, JA Diekfuss, JT Fairbrother, LD Raisbeck
Motor control 23 (2), 2019
Verbal cues and attentional focus: A simulated target-shooting experiment
LD Raisbeck, JA Diekfuss
Journal of Motor Learning and Development 5 (1), 148-159, 2017
Relative head impact exposure and brain white matter alterations after a single season of competitive football: a pilot comparison of youth versus high school football
KDB Foss, W Yuan, JA Diekfuss, J Leach, W Meehan, CA DiCesare, ...
Clinical journal of sport medicine 29 (6), 442-450, 2019
Alterations in knee sensorimotor brain functional connectivity contributes to ACL injury in male high-school football players: a prospective neuroimaging analysis
JA Diekfuss, DR Grooms, KS Nissen, DK Schneider, KDB Foss, S Thomas, ...
Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy 24 (5), 415-423, 2020
Real‐time biofeedback integrated into neuromuscular training reduces high‐risk knee biomechanics and increases functional brain connectivity: A preliminary longitudinal …
JA Diekfuss, DR Grooms, S Bonnette, CA DiCesare, S Thomas, ...
Psychophysiology 57 (5), e13545, 2020
Focus of attention and instructional feedback from NCAA division 1 collegiate coaches
JA Diekfuss, LD Raisbeck
Journal of Motor Learning and Development 4 (2), 262-273, 2016
A technical report on the development of a real-time visual biofeedback system to optimize motor learning and movement deficit correction
S Bonnette, CA DiCesare, AW Kiefer, MA Riley, KDB Foss, S Thomas, ...
Journal of Sports Science & Medicine 19 (1), 84, 2020
The effects of attentional focus on brain function during a gross motor task
LD Raisbeck, JA Diekfuss, DR Grooms, R Schmitz
Journal of Sport Rehabilitation 29 (4), 441-447, 2019
Examining motor tasks of differing complexity after concussion in adolescents
DR Howell, GD Myer, D Grooms, J Diekfuss, W Yuan, WP Meehan III
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Attention, workload, and performance: A dual-task simulated shooting study
JA Diekfuss, P Ward, LD Raisbeck
International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology 15 (4), 423-437, 2017
Influence of practice schedules and attention on skill development and retention
LD Raisbeck, A Regal, JA Diekfuss, CK Rhea, P Ward
Human movement science 43, 100-106, 2015
Age-dependent patellofemoral pain: hip and knee risk landing profiles in prepubescent and postpubescent female athletes
RT Galloway, Y Xu, TE Hewett, K Barber Foss, AW Kiefer, CA DiCesare, ...
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Fine and gross motor skills: The effects on skill-focused dual-tasks
LD Raisbeck, JA Diekfuss
Human Movement Science 43, 146-154, 2015
Injury risk factors integrated into self-guided real-time biofeedback improves high-risk biomechanics
S Bonnette, CA DiCesare, AW Kiefer, MA Riley, KDB Foss, S Thomas, ...
Journal of sport rehabilitation 28 (8), 831-839, 2019
The effects of attentional focus instructions and task difficulty in a paced fine motor skill
LD Raisbeck, M Yamada, JA Diekfuss, NA Kuznetsov
Journal of Motor Behavior 52 (3), 262-270, 2020
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