Prof. W. Sabry
Prof. W. Sabry
Military Technical College - Dean of High Institute of Engineering and Technology, King Marriott
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Enhancing rotor angle stability of power systems using marine predator algorithm based cascaded PID control
HMH Ahmed Yakout, WaheedSabry
Ain Shams Engineering Journal, 2021
A proposed DC motor sliding mode position controller design using fuzzy logic and PID techniques
A El-Bakly, A Fouda, W Sabry
International Conference on Aerospace Sciences and Aviation Technology 13 …, 2009
Enhancement of frequency stability of power systems integrated with wind energy using marine predator algorithm based PIDA controlled STATCOM
HK Ahmed H. Yakout, Waheed Sabry, Almoataz Y.Abdelaziz, Hany M.Hasanien ...
Alexandria Engineering Journal 61 (1), 1-17, 2021
Energy management of virtual power plants dependent on electro-economical model
FEZ Magdy, DK Ibrahim, W Sabry
Ain Shams Engineering Journal 11 (3), 643-649, 2020
Overlapped Electromagnetic Coilgun for Low Speed Projectiles
WS Hany M. Mohamed, Mahmoud A. Abdalla, Abdelazez Mitkees
Journal of Magnetics 20 (3), 322-329, 2015
From Distributed Generation to Virtual Power Plants: The Future of Electric Power Systems
W Sabry
20th International Middle East Power System Conference, MEPCON 2018 20 (1 …, 2018
Large-Scale Power System Transient and Dynamic Stability using Delayed-Operation FLPSS-AVR Controller Coordination ... ... ... Stabilite Transitoire et Dynamique des Systemes …
MAL Badr, FA Khalifa, SA Gawish, W Sabry
Canadian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (CJECE), April 2001 …, 2001
Large Power Systems Stability Enhancement using a Delayed Operation Fuzzy Logic Power System Stabilizer
S A. Gawish, FA Khalifa, W. Sabry, MAL Badr
Electric Machines and Power Systems 27 (2), 157-168, 1999
New Design of a Fractional Order Controller Based on Padé Approximation to Enhance a Stable Power System Load Frequency
AEE W. Sabry
International Review of Automatic Control (IREACO) 11 (5), 241-247, 2018
Effects of Zero-Reflection Controllers on the Mitigation of Electromechanical Wave Propagation in One-Dimensional Ring Power Systems
W Sabry
International Review of Automatic Control (IREACO) – July 2012, ISSN: 1974 …, 2012
A strong action power system stabilizer employment to improve large scale power systems' stability
Journal of Electrical Systems 17 (3), 288-297, 2021
A design of a modified power system stabilizer for power system transient stability enhancement
ZE Khalil, AEFES Eliwa, W Sabry
2018 Twentieth International Middle East Power Systems Conference (MEPCON …, 2018
A Comparison between Conventional and Optimal Power System Stabilizers for a Single Machine to an Infinite Bus Power System
W Sabry
International Journal on Power Engineering and Energy (IJPEE), ISSN Print …, 2013
Innovative Design of a Cube Satellite Power Generation, Distribution and Control Subsystem
HIM W. Sabry, A. Eliwa, R. Mostafa
The Online Journal on Electronics and Electrical Engineering (OJEEE), July …, 2009
Power system stability improvement by employing strong action controller acting as virtual inertia controller
AH Yakout, H Kotb, W Sabry
2021 22nd International Middle East Power Systems Conference (MEPCON), 562-568, 2021
The 30 kva permanent magnet synchronous generator wind-cube design, implementation, control; and performance measurements and analysis
AF Abdelgawad, W Sabry, UR Abouzayed, RY Abdellateef, ME Fathy
2018 Twentieth International Middle East Power Systems Conference (MEPCON …, 2018
Transient Magnetostatic Simulation and Experimental Verification of an Electromagnetic Coil Launcher
AAM Hany M. Mohamed, Mahmoud A. Abdalla, W Sabry
2nd International Conference in Engineering and Technology, ICET, 2014
Synchronous Reluctance Motors Torque Ripples Reduction using Feedback Cascaded P-I-I Controller
AM Abou-ElSoud, ASA Nada, AAMA Aziz, W Sabry
2022 23rd International Middle East Power Systems Conference (MEPCON) 23, 1-5, 2023
A novel strong action controller simplified model with detailed mathematical interpretation and performance evaluation
H Kotb, AH Yakout, W Sabry
2021 22nd International Middle East Power Systems Conference (MEPCON), 333-338, 2021
Investigation on Electromagnetic Launching for Single Stage Coilgun
HM Mohamed, MA Abdalla, AA Mitkees, W Sabry
The International Conference on Electrical Engineering 9 (9th International …, 2014
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