heikki haario
heikki haario
professor, LUT
Потвърден имейл адрес: lut.fi
An adaptive Metropolis algorithm
H Haario, E Saksman, J Tamminen
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DRAM: efficient adaptive MCMC
H Haario, M Laine, A Mira, E Saksman
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Componentwise adaptation for high dimensional MCMC
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K Haukka, E Kolmonen, R Hyder, J Hietala, K Vakkilainen, T Kairesalo, ...
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Markov chain Monte Carlo methods for high dimensional inversion in remote sensing
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JM Bardsley, A Solonen, H Haario, M Laine
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Simulated annealing process in general state space
H Haario, E Saksman
Advances in Applied Probability 23 (4), 866-893, 1991
Segmentation of overlapping elliptical objects in silhouette images
S Zafari, T Eerola, J Sampo, H Kälviäinen, H Haario
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Size and Shape Dependence of the Electronic and Spectral Properties in TiO2 Nanoparticles
S Auvinen, M Alatalo, H Haario, JP Jalava, RJ Lamminmaki
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (17), 8484-8493, 2011
Epstein-Barr viral load and disease prediction in a large cohort of allogeneic stem cell transplant recipients
SM Aalto, E Juvonen, J Tarkkanen, L Volin, H Haario, T Ruutu, K Hedman
Clinical infectious diseases 45 (10), 1305-1309, 2007
Serum complement C3/C4 ratio, a novel marker for recurrent cardiovascular events
A Palikhe, J Sinisalo, M Seppänen, H Haario, S Meri, V Valtonen, ...
The American journal of cardiology 99 (7), 890-895, 2007
Numerical study of dynamics of single bubbles and bubble swarms
A Smolianski, H Haario, P Luukka
Applied mathematical modelling 32 (5), 641-659, 2008
A new method with general diagnostic utility for the calculation of immunoglobulin G avidity
MH Korhonen, J Brunstein, H Haario, A Katnikov, R Rescaldani, ...
Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology 6 (5), 725-728, 1999
Microbial functional activity during composting of chlorophenol-contaminated sawmill soil
MM Laine, H Haario, KS Jørgensen
Journal of Microbiological Methods 30 (1), 21-32, 1997
A mathematical model of Rift Valley fever with human host
SC Mpeshe, H Haario, JM Tchuenche
Acta biotheoretica 59 (3), 231-250, 2011
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