David Gaul
David Gaul
Senior Research Scientist, Georgia Institute of Technology
Потвърден имейл адрес: chemistry.gatech.edu
Molecular transducers of physical activity consortium (MoTrPAC): mapping the dynamic responses to exercise
JA Sanford, CD Nogiec, ME Lindholm, JN Adkins, D Amar, S Dasari, ...
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Nucleoside phosphorylation by the mineral schreibersite
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True blue inorganic optoelectronic devices
DA Gaul, WS Rees Jr
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International ring trial of a high resolution targeted metabolomics and lipidomics platform for serum and plasma analysis
JW Thompson, KJ Adams, J Adamski, Y Asad, D Borts, JA Bowden, ...
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Highly-accurate metabolomic detection of early-stage ovarian cancer
DA Gaul, R Mezencev, TQ Long, CM Jones, BB Benigno, A Gray, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 16351, 2015
Chemical encoding of risk perception and predator detection among estuarine invertebrates
RX Poulin, S Lavoie, K Siegel, DA Gaul, MJ Weissburg, J Kubanek
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The effect of anticoagulants, temperature, and time on the human plasma metabolome and lipidome from healthy donors as determined by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry
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Preoperative metabolic signatures of prostate cancer recurrence following radical prostatectomy
CS Clendinen, DA Gaul, ME Monge, RS Arnold, AS Edison, JA Petros, ...
Journal of proteome research 18 (3), 1316-1327, 2019
Whole reproductive system non-negative matrix factorization mass spectrometry imaging of an early-stage ovarian cancer mouse model
MRL Paine, J Kim, RV Bennett, RM Parry, DA Gaul, MD Wang, ...
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Machine learning-enabled renal cell carcinoma status prediction using multiplatform urine-based metabolomics
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Flow injection–traveling-wave ion mobility–mass spectrometry for prostate-cancer metabolomics
X Zang, ME Monge, DA Gaul, FM Fernandez
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Synthesis and Characterization of a Series of Zinc Bis [(alkyl)(trimethylsilyl) amide] Compounds
DA Gaul, O Just, WS Rees
Inorganic Chemistry 39 (25), 5648-5654, 2000
TRAF6-IRF5 kinetics, TRIF, and biophysical factors drive synergistic innate responses to particle-mediated MPLA-CpG co-presentation
P Pradhan, R Toy, N Jhita, A Atalis, B Pandey, A Beach, EL Blanchard, ...
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Microglassificationtm: A novel technique for protein dehydration
DA Gaul, DL Rickard, D Needham
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 103 (3), 810-820, 2014
Early detection of cystic fibrosis acute pulmonary exacerbations by exhaled breath condensate metabolomics
X Zang, ME Monge, DA Gaul, NA McCarty, A Stecenko, FM Fernández
Journal of Proteome Research 19 (1), 144-152, 2019
The esterification of trifluoroacetic acid
TN Gallaher, DA Gaul, S Schreiner
Journal of chemical education 73 (5), 465, 1996
Presence of bromotyrosine alkaloids in marine sponges is independent of metabolomic and microbiome architectures
I Mohanty, S Tapadar, SG Moore, JS Biggs, CJ Freeman, DA Gaul, ...
Msystems 6 (2), 10.1128/msystems. 01387-20, 2021
Low-coordinate volatile Group 12 amides: syntheses and crystal structure determinations of dimeric {M {N [Si (CH3) 2CH2CH2Si (CH3) 2]} 2} 2; M= Zn, Cd and monomeric Hg {N [Si …
O Just, DA Gaul, WS Rees Jr
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HTLV-I protease cleavage of P19/24 substrates is not dependent on NaCl concentration
JJ Ha, DA Gaul, VL Mariani, YS Ding, RA Ikeda, SB Shuker
Bioorganic chemistry 30 (2), 138-144, 2002
Space-and time-resolved metabolomics of a high-grade serous ovarian cancer mouse model
S Sah, X Ma, A Botros, DA Gaul, SR Yun, EY Park, O Kim, SG Moore, ...
Cancers 14 (9), 2262, 2022
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