Anton Tonchev
Anton Tonchev
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Adiponectin and resistin in human cerebrospinal fluid and expression of adiponectin receptors in the human hypothalamus
K Kos, AL Harte, NF da Silva, A Tonchev, G Chaldakov, S James, ...
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 92 (3), 1129-1136, 2007
Proliferation of neural and neuronal progenitors after global brain ischemia in young adult macaque monkeys
AB Tonchev, T Yamashima, L Zhao, HJ Okano, H Okano
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 23 (2), 292-301, 2003
Enhanced proliferation of progenitor cells in the subventricular zone and limited neuronal production in the striatum and neocortex of adult macaque monkeys after global …
AB Tonchev, T Yamashima, K Sawamoto, H Okano
Journal of neuroscience research 81 (6), 776-788, 2005
Sustained calpain activation associated with lysosomal rupture executes necrosis of the postischemic CA1 neurons in primates
T Yamashima, AB Tonchev, T Tsukada, TC Saido, S Imajoh‐Ohmi, ...
Hippocampus 13 (7), 791-800, 2003
The autophagy regulators Ambra1 and Beclin 1 are required for adult neurogenesis in the brain subventricular zone
M Yazdankhah, S Farioli-Vecchioli, AB Tonchev, A Stoykova, F Cecconi
Cell death & disease 5 (9), e1403-e1403, 2014
Selective cortical layering abnormalities and behavioral deficits in cortex-specific Pax6 knock-out mice
TC Tuoc, K Radyushkin, AB Tonchev, MC Pinon, R Ashery-Padan, ...
Journal of neuroscience 29 (26), 8335-8349, 2009
Expression of free fatty acid receptor GPR40 in the central nervous system of adult monkeys
D Ma, B Tao, S Warashina, S Kotani, L Lu, DB Kaplamadzhiev, Y Mori, ...
Neuroscience research 58 (4), 394-401, 2007
NGF and BDNF: from nerves to adipose tissue, from neurokines to metabokines
GN Chaldarov, AB Tonchev, L Aloe
Rivista di psichiatria 44 (2), 79-87, 2009
Vascular adventitia generates neuronal progenitors in the monkey hippocampus after ischemia
T Yamashima, AB Tonchev, IH Vachkov, BK Popivanova, T Seki, ...
Hippocampus 14 (7), 861-875, 2004
Expression of free fatty acid receptor GPR40 in the neurogenic niche of adult monkey hippocampus
D Ma, L Lu, NB Boneva, S Warashina, DB Kaplamadzhiev, Y Mori, ...
Hippocampus 18 (3), 326-333, 2008
What are subcutaneous adipocytes really good for…?
R Paus, J Klein, PA Permana, M Owecki, GN Chaldakov, M Böhm, ...
Experimental dermatology 16 (1), 45-47, 2007
Cell biology of glioblastoma multiforme: from basic science to diagnosis and treatment
GS Stoyanov, D Dzhenkov, P Ghenev, B Iliev, Y Enchev, AB Tonchev
Medical Oncology 35, 1-10, 2018
From adipose tissue protein secretion to adipopharmacology of disease
F Tore, AB Tonchev, M Fiore, N Tuncel, P Atanassova, L Aloe, ...
Immunology, Endocrine & Metabolic Agents in Medicinal Chemistry (Formerly …, 2007
Differential proliferative response in the postischemic hippocampus, temporal cortex, and olfactory bulb of young adult macaque monkeys
AB Tonchev, T Yamashima, L Zhao, H Okano
Glia 42 (3), 209-224, 2003
Homo obesus: a metabotrophin-deficient species. Pharmacology and nutrition insight
GN Chaldakov, M Fiore, AB Tonchev, D Dimitrov, R Pancheva, G Rancic, ...
Current pharmaceutical design 13 (21), 2176-2179, 2007
Brain ischemia, neurogenesis, and neurotrophic receptor expression in primates
AB Tonchev
Archives italiennes de biologie 149 (2), 225, 2011
Primate neurons show different vulnerability to transient ischemia and response to cathepsin inhibition
M Yoshida, T Yamashima, L Zhao, K Tsuchiya, Y Kohda, AB Tonchev, ...
Acta neuropathologica 104, 267-272, 2002
Adult hippocampal neurogenesis in rodents and primates: endogenous, enhanced, and engrafted
T Yamashima, AB Tonchev, M Yukie
Reviews in the Neurosciences 18 (1), 67-82, 2007
Neuroadipology: a novel component of neuroendocrinology
GN Chaldakov, M Fiore, AB Tonchev, L Aloe
Cell biology international 34 (10), 1051-1053, 2010
Expression of angiogenic and neurotrophic factors in the progenitor cell niche of adult monkey subventricular zone
AB Tonchev, T Yamashima, J Guo, GN Chaldakov, N Takakura
Neuroscience 144 (4), 1425-1435, 2007
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