Joshua Kalla
Joshua Kalla
Assistant Professor, Yale University
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Durably reducing transphobia: A field experiment on door-to-door canvassing
D Broockman, J Kalla
Science 352 (6282), 220-224, 2016
Campaign contributions facilitate access to congressional officials: A randomized field experiment
JL Kalla, DE Broockman
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The minimal persuasive effects of campaign contact in general elections: Evidence from 49 field experiments
JL Kalla, DE Broockman
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The ties that double bind: social roles and women's underrepresentation in politics
DL Teele, J Kalla, F Rosenbluth
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Reducing exclusionary attitudes through interpersonal conversation: Evidence from three field experiments
JL Kalla, DE Broockman
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Irregularities in LaCour (2014)
D Broockman, J Kalla, P Aronow
UC Berkeley. http://stanford. edu/~ dbroock …, 2015
The design of field experiments with survey outcomes: A framework for selecting more efficient, robust, and ethical designs
DE Broockman, JL Kalla, JS Sekhon
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Evidence of rising rates of inattentiveness on Lucid in 2020
PM Aronow, J Kalla, L Orr, J Ternovski
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Are you my mentor? A field experiment on gender, ethnicity, and political self-starters
J Kalla, F Rosenbluth, DL Teele
The Journal of Politics 80 (1), 337-341, 2018
The female political career
F Rosenbluth, J Kalla, D Teele
Women in Parliament Global Forum. The World Bank, 2015
Which Narrative Strategies Durably Reduce Prejudice? Evidence from Field and Survey Experiments Supporting the Efficacy of Perspective‐Getting
JL Kalla, DE Broockman
American Journal of Political Science, 2021
Correcting Bias in Perceptions of Public Opinion Among American Elected Officials: Results from Two Field Experiments
J Kalla, E Porter
British Journal of Political Science, 2020
Does affective polarization undermine democratic norms or accountability? Maybe not
D Broockman, J Kalla, S Westwood
OSF Preprints. December 22, 2020
Broad cross-national public support for accelerated COVID-19 vaccine trial designs
D Broockman, J Kalla, A Guerrero, M Budolfson, N Eyal, NP Jewell, ...
Vaccine 39 (2), 309-316, 2021
Editorial bias in crowd-sourced political information
JL Kalla, PM Aronow
PloS one 10 (9), e0136327, 2015
When and why are campaigns’ persuasive effects small? Evidence from the 2020 US Presidential Election
D Broockman, J Kalla
OSF, 2020
The Negative Consequences of Informing Voters about Deepfakes: Evidence from Two Survey Experiments
J Ternovski, J Kalla, P Aronow
Journal of Online Trust and Safety 1 (2), 2022
Youth voter mobilization through online advertising: Evidence from two GOTV field experiments
K Collins, J Kalla, L Keane
Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Washington, DC, 2014
Research note: Candidate ideology and vote choice in the 2020 US Presidential Election
DE Broockman, JL Kalla
OSF Preprints. https://doi. org/10.31219/osf. io/25wm9, 2020
Experiments show this is the best way to win campaigns. But is anyone actually doing it?
D Broockman, J Kalla
Vox Media, 2014
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