Guiscard Seebohm
Guiscard Seebohm
Univ. Professor WWU Münster, Prof. Tübingen, Prof. Bochum
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(Patho) physiological significance of the serum-and glucocorticoid-inducible kinase isoforms
F Lang, C Bohmer, M Palmada, G Seebohm, N Strutz-Seebohm, V Vallon
Physiological reviews 86 (4), 1151-1178, 2006
GLUT1 mutations are a cause of paroxysmal exertion-induced dyskinesias and induce hemolytic anemia by a cation leak
YG Weber, A Storch, TV Wuttke, K Brockmann, J Kempfle, S Maljevic, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 118 (6), 2157-2168, 2008
Molecular cloning and functional expression of KCNQ5, a potassium channel subunit that may contribute to neuronal M-current diversity
C Lerche, CR Scherer, G Seebohm, C Derst, AD Wei, AE Busch, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 275 (29), 22395-22400, 2000
The new anticonvulsant retigabine favors voltage-dependent opening of the Kv7. 2 (KCNQ2) channel by binding to its activation gate
TV Wuttke, G Seebohm, S Bail, S Maljevic, H Lerche
Molecular pharmacology 67 (4), 1009-1017, 2005
Serum-and glucocorticoid-inducible kinase 1 (SGK1) mediates glucocorticoid-induced inhibition of insulin secretion
S Ullrich, S Berchtold, F Ranta, G Seebohm, G Henke, A Lupescu, ...
Diabetes 54 (4), 1090-1099, 2005
Position of aromatic residues in the S6 domain, not inactivation, dictates cisapride sensitivity of HERG and eag potassium channels
J Chen, G Seebohm, MC Sanguinetti
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 99 (19), 12461-12466, 2002
Recessive cardiac phenotypes in induced pluripotent stem cell models of Jervell and Lange-Nielsen syndrome: disease mechanisms and pharmacological rescue
M Zhang, C D’Aniello, AO Verkerk, E Wrobel, S Frank, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (50), E5383-E5392, 2014
Comparison of cloned Kir2 channels with native inward rectifier K+ channels from guinea-pig cardiomyocytes
GX Liu, C Derst, G Schlichthörl, S Heinen, G Seebohm, A Brüggemann, ...
The Journal of physiology 532 (Pt 1), 115, 2001
Regulation of endocytic recycling of KCNQ1/KCNE1 potassium channels
G Seebohm, N Strutz-Seebohm, R Birkin, G Dell, C Bucci, MR Spinosa, ...
Circulation research 100 (5), 686-692, 2007
Bioelectric signaling regulates size in zebrafish fins
S Perathoner, JM Daane, U Henrion, G Seebohm, CW Higdon, ...
PLoS genetics 10 (1), e1004080, 2014
Significance of SGK1 in the regulation of neuronal function
F Lang, N Strutz‐Seebohm, G Seebohm, UE Lang
The Journal of physiology 588 (18), 3349-3354, 2010
KV7 channelopathies
S Maljevic, TV Wuttke, G Seebohm, H Lerche
Pflügers Archiv-European Journal of Physiology 460, 277-288, 2010
Refinement of the binding site and mode of action of the anticonvulsant Retigabine on KCNQ K+ channels
W Lange, J Geißendörfer, A Schenzer, J Grötzinger, G Seebohm, ...
Molecular pharmacology 75 (2), 272-280, 2009
A fully automated high-throughput workflow for 3D-based chemical screening in human midbrain organoids
H Renner, M Grabos, KJ Becker, TE Kagermeier, J Wu, M Otto, ...
elife 9, e52904, 2020
An automated workflow for enhancing microbial bioprocess optimization on a novel microbioreactor platform
P Rohe, D Venkanna, B Kleine, R Freudl, M Oldiges
Microbial Cell Factories 11, 1-14, 2012
A plant homolog of animal glutamate receptors is an ion channel gated by multiple hydrophobic amino acids
D Tapken, U Anschütz, LH Liu, T Huelsken, G Seebohm, D Becker, ...
Science signaling 6 (279), ra47-ra47, 2013
Stepwise clearance of repressive roadblocks drives cardiac induction in human ESCs
J Rao, MJ Pfeiffer, S Frank, K Adachi, I Piccini, R Quaranta, ...
Cell stem cell 18 (3), 341-353, 2016
Modulation of potassium channel function confers a hyperproliferative invasive phenotype on embryonic stem cells
J Morokuma, D Blackiston, DS Adams, G Seebohm, B Trimmer, M Levin
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (43), 16608-16613, 2008
NMDAR encephalitis: passive transfer from man to mouse by a recombinant antibody
M Malviya, S Barman, KS Golombeck, J Planagumà, F Mannara, ...
Annals of clinical and translational neurology 4 (11), 768-783, 2017
Comparison of phenotypic methods for penicillinase detection in Staphylococcus aureus
M Kaase, S Lenga, S Friedrich, F Szabados, T Sakinc, B Kleine, ...
Clinical microbiology and infection 14 (6), 614-616, 2008
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