Michael C. Pope
Michael C. Pope
Professor of Geology, Texas A&M University
Потвърден имейл адрес: geos.tamu.edu
Global events across the Mesoproterozoic–Neoproterozoic boundary: C and Sr isotopic evidence from Siberia
JK Bartley, MA Semikhatov, AJ Kaufman, AH Knoll, MC Pope, ...
Precambrian Research 111 (1-4), 165-202, 2001
Widespread, prolonged late Middle to Late Ordovician upwelling in North America: A proxy record of glaciation?
MC Pope, JB Steffen
Geology 31 (1), 63-66, 2003
A Vendian–Cambrian boundary succession from the northwestern margin of the Siberian Platform: stratigraphy, palaeontology, chemostratigraphy and correlation
JK Bartley, M Pope, AH Knoll, MA Semikhatov, PY Petrov
Geological Magazine 135 (4), 473-494, 1998
Evaporitic Subtidal Stromatolites Produced by in situ Precipitation: Textures, Facies Associations, and Temporal Significance
MC Pope, JP Grotzinger, BC Schreiber
Journal of Sedimentary Research 70 (5), 1139-1151, 2000
Depositional history of pre-Devonian strata and timing of Ross orogenic tectonism in the central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica
PM Myrow, MC Pope, JW Goodge, W Fischer, AR Palmer
Geological Society of America Bulletin 114 (9), 1070-1088, 2002
High-Resolution Stratigraphy of the Lexington Limestone (Late Middle Ordovician), Kentucky, USA: A Cool-Water Carbonate-Clastic Ramp in a Tectonic Ally Active Foreland Basin
MC Pope, JF Read
Orbital-scale climate change and glacioeustasy during the early Late Ordovician (pre-Hirnantian) determined from δ18O values in marine apatite
M Elrick, D Reardon, W Labor, J Martin, A Desrochers, M Pope
Geology 41 (7), 775-778, 2013
Paleoproterozoic Stark Formation, Athapuscow basin, northwest Canada: Record of cratonic-scale salinity crisis
MC Pope, JP Grotzinger
Journal of Sedimentary Research 73 (2), 280-295, 2003
Controls on fabric development and morphology of tufas and stromatolites, uppermost Pethei Group (1.8 Ga), Great Slave Lake, Northwest Canada
MC Pope, JP Grotzinger
Archean microbial mat communities
MM Tice, DCO Thornton, MC Pope, TD Olszewski, J Gong
Annual review of earth and planetary sciences 39, 297-319, 2011
New chancelloriids from the Early Cambrian Sekwi Formation with a comment on chancelloriid affinities
RD Randell, BS Lieberman, ST Hasiotis, MC Pope
Journal of Paleontology 79 (5), 987-996, 2005
Comparative stratigraphy of the Eagle Ford Group strata in Lozier Canyon and Antonio Creek, Terrell County, Texas
RD Gardner, MC Pope, MP Wehner, AD Donovan
GCAGS Journal, 2013
Findings from the Eagle Ford outcrops of west Texas and implications to the subsurface of south Texas
AD Donovan, TS Staerker, R Gardner, MC Pope, A Pramudito, M Wehner
AAPG Special Volumes, 2016
Multi-carbonate component reconstruction of mid-carboniferous (Chesterian) seawater δ13C
LS Batt, IP Montañez, P Isaacson, MC Pope, SH Butts, J Abplanalp
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 256 (3-4), 298-318, 2007
Cherty carbonate facies of the Montoya Group, southern New Mexico and western Texas and its regional correlatives: a record of Late Ordovician paleoceanography on southern …
MC Pope
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 210 (2-4), 367-384, 2004
Cassiar platform, north-central British Columbia: A miogeoclinal fragment from Idaho
MC Pope, JW Sears
Geology 25 (6), 515-518, 1997
Three-dimensional pore connectivity evaluation in a Holocene and Jurassic microbialite buildup
MF Rezende, SN Tonietto, MC Pope
AAPG bulletin 97 (11), 2085-2101, 2013
Active synsedimentary tectonism on a mixed carbonate–siliciclastic continental margin: third‐order sequence stratigraphy of a ramp to basin transition, lower Sekwi Formation …
KA Dilliard, MC Pope, M Coniglio, ST Hasiotis, BS Lieberman
Sedimentology 57 (2), 513-542, 2010
U-Pb detrital zircon geochronology of the Upper Paleocene to Lower Eocene Wilcox Group, east-central Texas
PJ Wahl, TE Yancey, MC Pope, BV Miller, WB Ayers
Geosphere 12 (5), 1517-1531, 2016
Molar tooth structures in calcareous nodules, early Neoproterozoic Burovaya Formation, Turukhansk region, Siberia
MC Pope, JK Bartley, AH Knoll, PY Petrov
Sedimentary Geology 158 (3-4), 235-248, 2003
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