Hong Yan
Hong Yan
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Fuzzy algorithms: with applications to image processing and pattern recognition
Z Chi, H Yan
World Scientific, 1996
Locating and extracting the eye in human face images
KM Lam, H Yan
Pattern recognition 29 (5), 771-779, 1996
An adaptive spatial fuzzy clustering algorithm for 3-D MR image segmentation
AWC Liew, H Yan
IEEE transactions on medical imaging 22 (9), 1063-1075, 2003
An analytic-to-holistic approach for face recognition based on a single frontal view
KM Lam, H Yan
IEEE Transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence 20 (7), 673-686, 1998
Interword distance changes represented by sine waves for watermarking text images
D Huang, H Yan
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology 11 (12), 1237 …, 2001
Off-line signature verification based on geometric feature extraction and neural network classification
K Huang, H Yan
Pattern Recognition 30 (1), 9-17, 1997
Fingerprint classification based on extraction and analysis of singularities and pseudo ridges
Q Zhang, H Yan
Pattern Recognition 37 (11), 2233-2243, 2004
An adaptive logical method for binarization of degraded document images
Y Yang, H Yan
Pattern recognition 33 (5), 787-807, 2000
Retinamask: A face mask detector
M Jiang, X Fan
A novel vessel segmentation algorithm for pathological retina images based on the divergence of vector fields
BSY Lam, H Yan
IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 27 (2), 237-246, 2008
Skew correction of document images using interline cross-correlation
H Yan
CVGIP: Graphical Models and Image Processing 55 (6), 538-543, 1993
Computerized tumor boundary detection using a Hopfield neural network
Y Zhu, Z Yan
IEEE transactions on medical imaging 16 (1), 55-67, 1997
Missing value imputation for gene expression data: computational techniques to recover missing data from available information
AWC Liew, NF Law, H Yan
Briefings in bioinformatics 12 (5), 498-513, 2011
A machine learning approach to improve contactless heart rate monitoring using a webcam
H Monkaresi, RA Calvo, H Yan
IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics 18 (4), 1153-1160, 2013
Recommender systems based on social networks
Z Sun, L Han, W Huang, X Wang, X Zeng, M Wang, H Yan
Journal of Systems and Software 99, 109-119, 2015
Handwritten numeral recognition using self-organizing maps and fuzzy rules
Z Chi, J Wu, H Yan
Pattern Recognition 28 (1), 59-66, 1995
Current methods in the automatic tissue segmentation of 3D magnetic resonance brain images
AWC Liew, H Yan
Current Medical Imaging 2 (1), 91-103, 2006
Blocking artifacts suppression in block-coded images using overcomplete wavelet representation
AWC Liew, H Yan
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology 14 (4), 450-461, 2004
Comparison of face verification results on the XM2VTFS database
J Matas, M Hamouz, K Jonsson, J Kittler, Y Li, C Kotropoulos, A Tefas, ...
Proceedings 15th International Conference on Pattern Recognition. ICPR-2000 …, 2000
A technique of three-level thresholding based on probability partition and fuzzy 3-partition
M Zhao, AMN Fu, H Yan
IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems 9 (3), 469-479, 2001
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