Ted A Paterson
Ted A Paterson
L.W. "Bill" Lane Professor in Family Business Management and Associate Professor, Oregon State
Потвърден имейл адрес: oregonstate.edu
Thriving at work: Impact of psychological capital and supervisor support
TA Paterson, F Luthans, W Jeung
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LMX-differentiation strengthens the prosocial consequences of leader humility: an identification and social exchange perspective
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Am I expected to be ethical? A role-definition perspective of ethical leadership and unethical behavior
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Advancing a richer view of identity at work: The role‐based identity scale
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Exploring costs and consequences of religious expression in family businesses
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How and when humble leadership facilitates employee job performance: the roles of feeling trusted and job autonomy
J Cho, P Schilpzand, L Huang, T Paterson
Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies 28 (2), 169-184, 2021
Revisiting the rigor–relevance relationship: An institutional logics perspective
TA Paterson, PD Harms, CS Tuggle
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A proposed orthogonal relationship between psychological capital and ethical leadership
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I am therefore I own: Implications of organization‐based identity for employee stock ownership
TA Paterson, TM Welbourne
Human Resource Management 59 (2), 175-183, 2020
The institutional logics of rigor and relevance: An analysis of the rigor-relevance relationship and its impact on management research legitimacy
TA Paterson
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2014
Thriving under pressure: An exploration of research productivity in business Ph. D. programs
I Milosevic, TA Paterson, AE Bass
Abusive Supervision and Employee Relational Reputation Maintenance: A Self-Verification Perspective
L Huang, TA Paterson
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That’s interesting! Or is it? On the incommensurability of academic and practitioner interests
TA Paterson, P Harms
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Developing Psychological Capital through a Peer Teaching Intervention
M Szerdahelyi, TA Paterson, T Martos
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Am I Expected to Be Ethical? A Role-Definition Perspective of Ethical Leadership and Behavior
TA Paterson, L Huang
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The Well-being Research Agenda: What We Need to Know to be our Best Selves at Work
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The 3 Rs in Management Research: Do Rigor and Relevance Result in References?
TA Paterson, PD Harms, CS Tuggle, F Luthans
Academy of Management Proceedings 2015 (1), 11952, 2015
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