Chong Wang
Chong Wang
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Single-atom catalyst boosts electrochemical conversion reactions in batteries
J Wang, L Jia, J Zhong, Q Xiao, C Wang, K Zang, H Liu, H Zheng, J Luo, ...
Energy Storage Materials 18, 246-252, 2019
Correlated insulating states at fractional fillings of the WS2/WSe2 moiré lattice
X Huang, T Wang, S Miao, C Wang, Z Li, Z Lian, T Taniguchi, K Watanabe, ...
Nature Physics 17 (6), 715-719, 2021
Magnetically controllable topological quantum phase transitions in the antiferromagnetic topological insulator
J Li, C Wang, Z Zhang, BL Gu, W Duan, Y Xu
Physical Review B 100 (12), 121103, 2019
Intertwined Topological and Magnetic Orders in Atomically Thin Chern Insulator MnBi2Te4
D Ovchinnikov, X Huang, Z Lin, Z Fei, J Cai, T Song, M He, Q Jiang, ...
Nano letters 21 (6), 2544-2550, 2021
Direct visualization of magnetic domains and moiré magnetism in twisted 2D magnets
T Song, QC Sun, E Anderson, C Wang, J Qian, T Taniguchi, K Watanabe, ...
Science 374 (6571), 1140-1144, 2021
Type-II Ising pairing in few-layer stanene
J Falson, Y Xu, M Liao, Y Zang, K Zhu, C Wang, Z Zhang, H Liu, W Duan, ...
Science 367 (6485), 1454-1457, 2020
Type-II Ising Superconductivity in Two-Dimensional Materials with Spin-Orbit Coupling
C Wang, B Lian, X Guo, J Mao, Z Zhang, D Zhang, BL Gu, Y Xu, W Duan
Physical Review Letters 123 (12), 126402, 2019
First-principles calculation of nonlinear optical responses by Wannier interpolation
C Wang, X Liu, L Kang, BL Gu, Y Xu, W Duan
Physical Review B 96 (11), 115147, 2017
Giant enhancement of the intrinsic spin Hall conductivity in -tungsten via substitutional doping
X Sui, C Wang, J Kim, J Wang, SH Rhim, W Duan, N Kioussis
Physical Review B 96 (24), 241105, 2017
Revealing the Topology of Fermi-Surface Wave Functions from Magnetic Quantum Oscillations
A Alexandradinata, C Wang, W Duan, L Glazman
Physical Review X 8 (1), 011027, 2018
Type-II Ising superconductivity and anomalous metallic state in macro-size ambient-stable ultrathin crystalline films
Y Liu, Y Xu, J Sun, C Liu, Y Liu, C Wang, Z Zhang, K Gu, Y Tang, C Ding, ...
Nano Letters 20 (8), 5728-5734, 2020
Highly anisotropic excitons and multiple phonon bound states in a van der Waals antiferromagnetic insulator
K Hwangbo, Q Zhang, Q Jiang, Y Wang, J Fonseca, C Wang, ...
Nature Nanotechnology 16 (6), 655-660, 2021
Crystallographic splitting theorem for band representations and fragile topological photonic crystals
A Alexandradinata, J Höller, C Wang, H Cheng, L Lu
Physical Review B 102 (11), 115117, 2020
Stacking domain wall magnons in twisted Van der Waals magnets
C Wang, Y Gao, H Lv, X Xu, D Xiao
Physical Review Letters 125 (24), 247201, 2020
Strong interaction between interlayer excitons and correlated electrons in WSe2/WS2 moiré superlattice
S Miao, T Wang, X Huang, D Chen, Z Lian, C Wang, M Blei, T Taniguchi, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 3608, 2021
Intrinsic nonlinear Hall effect in antiferromagnetic tetragonal CuMnAs
C Wang, Y Gao, D Xiao
Physical Review Letters 127 (27), 277201, 2021
Flat Bands and Mechanical Deformation Effects in the Moiré Superlattice of MoS2-WSe2 Heterobilayers
D Waters, Y Nie, F Lüpke, Y Pan, S Fölsch, YC Lin, B Jariwala, ...
ACS nano 14 (6), 7564-7573, 2020
Enhancement of superconductivity in organic-inorganic hybrid topological materials
H Zhang, A Rousuli, S Shen, K Zhang, C Wang, L Luo, J Wang, Y Wu, ...
Science Bulletin 65 (3), 188-193, 2020
Light-induced ferromagnetism in moiré superlattices
X Wang, C Xiao, H Park, J Zhu, C Wang, T Taniguchi, K Watanabe, J Yan, ...
Nature 604 (7906), 468-473, 2022
Electric control of a canted-antiferromagnetic Chern insulator
J Cai, D Ovchinnikov, Z Fei, M He, T Song, Z Lin, C Wang, D Cobden, ...
Nature communications 13 (1), 1668, 2022
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