Poonam Jasrotia
Poonam Jasrotia
Principal Scientist,ICAR-Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research
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Carbon debt of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) grasslands converted to bioenergy production
I Gelfand, T Zenone, P Jasrotia, J Chen, SK Hamilton, GP Robertson
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Water and energy footprints of bioenergy crop production on marginal lands
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CO2 fluxes of transitional bioenergy crops: effect of land conversion during the first year of cultivation
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Scope and applications of nanotechnology for wheat production: A review of recent advances
P Jasrotia*, PL Kashyap, AK Bhardwaj, S Kumar, GP Singh
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Influence of variable species composition on the saccharification of AFEX™ pretreated biomass from unmanaged fields in comparison to corn stover
RJ Garlock, B Bals, P Jasrotia, V Balan, BE Dale
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Sexual maturation and aging of adult male mealybug (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae)
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Microbial nanotechnology for climate resilient agriculture
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Development of the predator Eocanthecona furcellata on different proportions of nucleopolyhedrovirus infected Spodoptera litura larvae and potential for predator …
RK Gupta, M Gani, P Jasrotia, K Srivastava
BioControl 58, 543-552, 2013
Nanotechnology in wheat production and protection
PL Kashyap, S Kumar, P Jasrotia, DP Singh, GP Singh
Environmental Nanotechnology Volume 4, 165-194, 2020
Switching to nanonutrients for sustaining agroecosystems and environment: the challenges and benefts in moving up from ionic to particle feeding
AK Bhardwaj, G Arya, R Kumar, L Hamed, HP Anosheh, P Jasrotia, ...
Journal of Nanobiotechnology 20 (19), 2022
Nanosensors for plant disease diagnosis: Current understanding and future perspectives
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Vertical transmission of sublethal granulovirus infection in the tobacco caterpillar Spodoptera litura
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An immuno‐marking technique for thrips
P Jasrotia, D Ben‐Yakir
Entomologia experimentalis et applicata 120 (2), 155-160, 2006
New and emerging technologies for detecting Magnaporthe oryzae causing blast disease in crop plants
S Kumar, PL Kashyap, S Mahapatra, P Jasrotia, GP Singh
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Nanopesticides: Current status and scope for their application in agriculture
J Yadav, P Jasrotia, PL Kashyap, AK Bhardwaj, S Kumar, M Singh, ...
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Impact of weather on the occurrence pattern of insect pests on groundnut
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Net primary production in three bioenergy crop systems following land conversion
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Neo-nicotinoids: A biorational approach for managing sucking insect-pests of Groundnut
MV Nataraja, G Harish, P Jasrotia, P Holajjer, SD Savaliya, M Gajera
Society of Plant Protection Sciences, 2014
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