Enrico Pizzutilo
Enrico Pizzutilo
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The stability number as a metric for electrocatalyst stability benchmarking
S Geiger, O Kasian, M Ledendecker, E Pizzutilo, AM Mingers, WT Fu, ...
Nature Catalysis 1 (7), 508-515, 2018
Minimizing operando demetallation of Fe-NC electrocatalysts in acidic medium
CH Choi, C Baldizzone, G Polymeros, E Pizzutilo, O Kasian, ...
Acs Catalysis 6 (5), 3136-3146, 2016
On the need of improved accelerated degradation protocols (ADPs): examination of platinum dissolution and carbon corrosion in half-cell tests
E Pizzutilo, S Geiger, JP Grote, A Mingers, KJJ Mayrhofer, M Arenz, ...
Journal of the electrochemical society 163 (14), F1510, 2016
Electrocatalytic synthesis of hydrogen peroxide on Au-Pd nanoparticles: From fundamentals to continuous production
E Pizzutilo, O Kasian, CH Choi, S Cherevko, GJ Hutchings, KJJ Mayrhofer, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 683, 436-442, 2017
Gold–palladium bimetallic catalyst stability: consequences for hydrogen peroxide selectivity
E Pizzutilo, SJ Freakley, S Cherevko, S Venkatesan, GJ Hutchings, ...
ACS catalysis 7 (9), 5699-5705, 2017
Structure–Activity–Stability Relationships for Space-Confined PtxNiy Nanoparticles in the Oxygen Reduction Reaction
S Mezzavilla, C Baldizzone, AC Swertz, N Hodnik, E Pizzutilo, ...
ACS catalysis 6 (12), 8058-8068, 2016
Isolated Pd sites as selective catalysts for electrochemical and direct hydrogen peroxide synthesis
M Ledendecker, E Pizzutilo, G Malta, GV Fortunato, KJJ Mayrhofer, ...
ACS catalysis 10 (10), 5928-5938, 2020
The Space Confinement Approach Using Hollow Graphitic Spheres to Unveil Activity and Stability of Pt‐Co Nanocatalysts for PEMFC
E Pizzutilo, J Knossalla, S Geiger, JP Grote, G Polymeros, C Baldizzone, ...
Advanced energy materials 7 (20), 1700835, 2017
Impact of palladium loading and interparticle distance on the selectivity for the oxygen reduction reaction toward hydrogen peroxide
GV Fortunato, E Pizzutilo, AM Mingers, O Kasian, S Cherevko, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (28), 15878-15885, 2018
Shape-controlled nanoparticles in pore-confined space
J Knossalla, P Paciok, D Göhl, D Jalalpoor, E Pizzutilo, AM Mingers, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (46), 15684-15689, 2018
Addressing stability challenges of using bimetallic electrocatalysts: the case of gold–palladium nanoalloys
E Pizzutilo, SJ Freakley, S Geiger, C Baldizzone, A Mingers, GJ Hutchings, ...
Catalysis Science & Technology 7 (9), 1848-1856, 2017
Accelerated fuel cell tests of anodic Pt/Ru catalyst via identical location TEM: New aspects of degradation behavior
K Hengge, T Gänsler, E Pizzutilo, C Heinzl, M Beetz, KJJ Mayrhofer, ...
international journal of hydrogen energy 42 (40), 25359-25371, 2017
Palladium electrodissolution from model surfaces and nanoparticles
E Pizzutilo, S Geiger, SJ Freakley, A Mingers, S Cherevko, GJ Hutchings, ...
Electrochimica Acta 229, 467-477, 2017
Experimental methodologies to understand degradation of nanostructured electrocatalysts for PEM fuel cells: advances and opportunities
S Mezzavilla, S Cherevko, C Baldizzone, E Pizzutilo, G Polymeros, ...
ChemElectroChem 3 (10), 1524-1536, 2016
The oxygen reduction reaction on palladium with low metal loadings: The effects of chlorides on the stability and activity towards hydrogen peroxide
GV Fortunato, E Pizzutilo, ESF Cardoso, MRV Lanza, I Katsounaros, ...
Journal of catalysis 389, 400-408, 2020
Analysing the relationship between the fields of thermo-and electrocatalysis taking hydrogen peroxide as a case study
GV Fortunato, E Pizzutilo, I Katsounaros, D Göhl, RJ Lewis, KJJ Mayrhofer, ...
Nature Communications 13 (1), 1973, 2022
DC dielectric strength of epoxy/Si3N4 nanocomposites
S Diaham, E Pizzutilo, ML Locatelli
2016 IEEE International Conference on Dielectrics (ICD) 1, 72-75, 2016
Novel electrical conduction properties obtained in few-layer graphene/epoxy nanocomposites
S Diaham, E Pizzutilo, LDGF Vieira, ZV Nava, JYC Ching, E Flahaut, ...
2015 IEEE 15th International Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE-NANO), 472-475, 2015
Tracking the Degradation of Fuel Cell Catalyst Particles: 3D Reconstruction of Nanoscale Transmission Electron Micrographs
T Gänsler, KA Hengge, M Beetz, E Pizzutilo, C Scheu
CINEMAX IV," Best poster Award at the Summer School", 2018
An ORR Identical Location STEM Investigation of the Stability of Pt3-Ni Octahedra Supported in Hollow Graphitic Spheres
P Paciok, J Knossalla, D Göhl, M Ledendecker, D Jalalpoor, E Pizzutilo, ...
Electrochemical Society Meeting Abstracts aimes2018, 1502-1502, 2018
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