Jennifer H.E. Baker
Jennifer H.E. Baker
Staff Scientist, BC Cancer Agency Vancouver UBC
Потвърден имейл адрес: bccrc.ca
Translational activation of HIF1α by YB-1 promotes sarcoma metastasis
AM El-Naggar, CJ Veinotte, H Cheng, TGP Grunewald, GL Negri, ...
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Intravital imaging of tumour vascular networks using multi-photon fluorescence microscopy
GM Tozer, SM Ameer-Beg, J Baker, PR Barber, SA Hill, RJ Hodgkiss, ...
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Direct visualization of heterogeneous extravascular distribution of trastuzumab in human epidermal growth factor receptor type 2 overexpressing xenografts
JHE Baker, KE Lindquist, LA Huxham, AH Kyle, JT Sy, AI Minchinton
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Microregional effects of gemcitabine in HCT-116 xenografts
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Targeting Hypoxia-Induced Carbonic Anhydrase IX Enhances Immune-Checkpoint Blockade Locally and SystemicallyCAIX Inhibition Enhances Immune-Checkpoint Blockade
SC Chafe, PC McDonald, S Saberi, O Nemirovsky, G Venkateswaran, ...
Cancer immunology research 7 (7), 1064-1078, 2019
Metronomic gemcitabine suppresses tumour growth, improves perfusion, and reduces hypoxia in human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
KKY Cham, JHE Baker, KS Takhar, JA Flexman, MQ Wong, DA Owen, ...
British journal of cancer 103 (1), 52-60, 2010
Loss of the Notch effector RBPJ promotes tumorigenesis
I Kulic, G Robertson, L Chang, JHE Baker, WW Lockwood, W Mok, ...
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Identification of breast cancer cell subtypes sensitive to ATG4B inhibition
S Bortnik, C Choutka, HM Horlings, S Leung, JH Baker, C Lebovitz, ...
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Irinophore C, a novel nanoformulation of irinotecan, alters tumor vascular function and enhances the distribution of 5-fluorouracil and doxorubicin
JHE Baker, J Lam, AH Kyle, J Sy, T Oliver, SJ Co, WH Dragowska, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 14 (22), 7260-7271, 2008
In vivo Evaluation of Mucoadhesive Nanoparticulate Docetaxel for Intravesical Treatment of Non–Muscle-Invasive Bladder CancerMucoadhesive Nanoparticulate Docetaxel for …
C Mugabe, Y Matsui, AI So, ME Gleave, JHE Baker, AI Minchinton, ...
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Hyperbranched polyglycerols as trimodal imaging agents: design, biocompatibility, and tumor uptake
K Saatchi, P Soema, N Gelder, R Misri, K McPhee, JHE Baker, ...
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Targeting Quiescent Tumor Cells via Oxygen and IGF-I SupplementationTransient Stimulation of Quiescent Tumor Cells
AH Kyle, JHE Baker, AI Minchinton
Cancer research 72 (3), 801-809, 2012
Fungemia caused by an amphotericin B-resistant isolate of Sporothrix schenckii. Successful treatment with itraconazole.
JH Baker, HC Goodpasture, HR Kuhns Jr, MG Rinaldi
Archives of pathology & laboratory medicine 113 (11), 1279-1281, 1989
Heterogeneous distribution of trastuzumab in HER2-positive xenografts and metastases: role of the tumor microenvironment
JHE Baker, AH Kyle, SA Reinsberg, F Moosvi, HM Patrick, J Cran, ...
Clinical & experimental metastasis 35, 691-705, 2018
Endothelial-Specific Notch Blockade Inhibits Vascular Function and Tumor Growth through an eNOS-Dependent MechanismNotch-Induced NO Is Required for Tumor Blood Vessel Function
A Patenaude, M Fuller, L Chang, F Wong, G Paliouras, R Shaw, AH Kyle, ...
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Tissue uptake of docetaxel loaded hydrophobically derivatized hyperbranched polyglycerols and their effects on the morphology of the bladder urothelium
C Mugabe, PA Raven, L Fazli, JHE Baker, JK Jackson, RT Liggins, AI So, ...
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Tumor distribution of bromodeoxyuridine-labeled cells is strongly dose dependent
AH Kyle, LA Huxham, JHE Baker, HE Burston, AI Minchinton
Cancer research 63 (18), 5707-5711, 2003
Opposing roles for CD34 in B16 melanoma tumor growth alter early stage vasculature and late stage immune cell infiltration
S Maltby, S Freeman, MJ Gold, JHE Baker, AI Minchinton, MR Gold, ...
PLoS One 6 (4), e18160, 2011
The combination of gefitinib and RAD001 inhibits growth of HER2 overexpressing breast cancer cells and tumors irrespective of trastuzumab sensitivity
WH Dragowska, SA Weppler, MA Qadir, LY Wong, Y Franssen, ...
BMC cancer 11, 1-17, 2011
Multiplex immunohistochemistry for mapping the tumor microenvironment
J Kalra, J Baker
Signal Transduction Immunohistochemistry: Methods and Protocols, 237-251, 2017
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