Hengxin Tan
Hengxin Tan
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Roton pair density wave in a strong-coupling kagome superconductor
H Chen, H Yang, B Hu, Z Zhao, J Yuan, Y Xing, G Qian, Z Huang, G Li, ...
Nature 599 (7884), 222-228, 2021
Charge Density Waves and Electronic Properties of Superconducting Kagome Metals
H Tan, Y Liu, Z Wang, B Yan
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Electric-field switching of magnetic topological charge in type-I multiferroics
C Xu, P Chen, H Tan, Y Yang, H Xiang, L Bellaiche
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Two-dimensional ferromagnetic-ferroelectric multiferroics in violation of the rule
H Tan, M Li, H Liu, Z Liu, Y Li, W Duan
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Geometry of the charge density wave in the kagome metal
H Miao, HX Li, WR Meier, A Huon, HN Lee, A Said, HC Lei, BR Ortiz, ...
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Charge density wave order in the kagome metal
S Wu, BR Ortiz, H Tan, SD Wilson, B Yan, T Birol, G Blumberg
Physical Review B 105 (15), 155106, 2022
Realization of epitaxial NbP and TaP Weyl semimetal thin films
A Bedoya-Pinto, AK Pandeya, D Liu, H Deniz, K Chang, H Tan, H Han, ...
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Hexagonal rare-earth manganites and ferrites: a review of improper ferroelectricity, magnetoelectric coupling, and unusual domain walls
M Li, H Tan, W Duan
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 (26), 14415-14432, 2020
First-principles studies of the local structure and relaxor behavior of -derived ferroelectric perovskite solid solutions
H Tan, H Takenaka, C Xu, W Duan, I Grinberg, AM Rappe
Physical Review B 97 (17), 174101, 2018
Pressure and strain effects of hexagonal rare-earth manganites: A first-principles study
H Tan, C Xu, M Li, S Wang, BL Gu, W Duan
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 28 (12), 126002, 2016
Continuous, ultra-lightweight, and multipurpose super-aligned carbon nanotube tapes viable over a wide range of temperatures
X Jin, H Tan, Z Wu, J Liang, W Miao, CS Lian, J Wang, K Liu, H Wei, ...
Nano Letters 19 (10), 6756-6764, 2019
Interfacial Control of Ferromagnetism in Ultrathin SrRuO3 Films Sandwiched between Ferroelectric BaTiO3 Layers
Y Gu, C Song, Q Zhang, F Li, H Tan, K Xu, J Li, MS Saleem, MU Fayaz, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 (5), 6707-6715, 2020
Observation of anomalous amplitude modes in the kagome metal CsV3Sb5
G Liu, X Ma, K He, Q Li, H Tan, Y Liu, J Xu, W Tang, K Watanabe, ...
Nature communications 13 (1), 3461, 2022
Anomalous Hall effect in the weak-itinerant ferrimagnet
Y Liu, H Tan, Z Hu, B Yan, C Petrovic
Physical Review B 103 (4), 045106, 2021
Facet dependent surface energy gap on magnetic topological insulators
H Tan, B Yan
Physical Review B 105 (16), 165130, 2022
Unconventional anomalous Hall effect from magnetization parallel to the electric field
H Tan, Y Liu, B Yan
Physical Review B 103 (21), 214438, 2021
Understanding the origin of bandgap problem in transition and post-transition metal oxides
H Tan, H Liu, Y Li, W Duan, S Zhang
The Journal of Chemical Physics 151 (12), 124703, 2019
Effect of Hartree–Fock pseudopotentials on local density functional theory calculations
H Tan, Y Li, SB Zhang, W Duan
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (27), 18844-18849, 2018
Large Fermi‐Energy Shift and Suppression of Trivial Surface States in NbP Weyl Semimetal Thin Films
A Bedoya‐Pinto, D Liu, H Tan, AK Pandeya, K Chang, J Zhang, ...
Advanced Materials 33 (21), 2008634, 2021
Titanium doped kagome superconductor CsV3− xTixSb5 and two distinct phases
H Yang, Z Huang, Y Zhang, Z Zhao, J Shi, H Luo, L Zhao, G Qian, H Tan, ...
Science Bulletin 67 (21), 2176-2185, 2022
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