Adam S Wymore
Adam S Wymore
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DOC:NO3 ratios and NO3 uptake in forested headwater streams
B Rodríguez‐Cardona, AS Wymore, WH McDowell
Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 121 (1), 205-217, 2016
Critical zone structure controls concentration‐discharge relationships and solute generation in forested tropical montane watersheds
AS Wymore, RL Brereton, DE Ibarra, K Maher, WH McDowell
Water Resources Research 53 (7), 6279-6295, 2017
Genes to ecosystems: exploring the frontiers of ecology with one of the smallest biological units
AS Wymore, ATH Keeley, KM Yturralde, ML Schroer, CR Propper, ...
New Phytologist 191 (1), 19-36, 2011
Partitioning Concentration-Discharge Patterns of Weathering Products from Monolithologic Catchments to Global Rivers
DE Ibarra, S Moon, M Winnick, A Wymore, JK Caves Rugenstein, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2017, B54D-08, 2017
Direct response of dissolved organic nitrogen to nitrate availability in headwater streams
AS Wymore, B Rodríguez-Cardona, WH McDowell
Biogeochemistry 126, 1-10, 2015
Wildfires lead to decreased carbon and increased nitrogen concentrations in upland arctic streams
BM Rodriguez-Cardona, AA Coble, AS Wymore, R Kolosov, ...
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Leaf-litter leachate is distinct in optical properties and bioavailability to stream heterotrophs
AS Wymore, ZG Compson, WH McDowell, JD Potter, BA Hungate, ...
Freshwater Science 34 (3), 857-866, 2015
Hysteretic response of solutes and turbidity at the event scale across forested tropical montane watersheds
AS Wymore, MC Leon, JB Shanley, WH McDowell
Frontiers in Earth Science 7, 126, 2019
Nitrate uptake across biomes and the influence of elemental stoichiometry: A new look at LINX II
AS Wymore, AA Coble, B Rodríguez‐Cardona, WH McDowell
Global Biogeochemical Cycles 30 (8), 1183-1191, 2016
Contrasting rRNA gene abundance patterns for aquatic fungi and bacteria in response to leaf-litter chemistry
AS Wymore, ZG Compson, CM Liu, LB Price, TG Whitham, P Keim, ...
Freshwater Science 32 (2), 663-672, 2013
Nutrient uptake along a fire gradient in boreal streams of Central Siberia
LA Diemer, WH McDowell, AS Wymore, AS Prokushkin
Freshwater Science 34 (4), 1443-1456, 2015
Using in‐situ optical sensors to understand the biogeochemistry of dissolved organic matter across a stream network
AS Wymore, J Potter, B Rodríguez‐Cardona, WH McDowell
Water Resources Research 54 (4), 2949-2958, 2018
Fire severity, time since fire, and site-level characteristics influence streamwater chemistry at baseflow conditions in catchments of the Sierra Nevada, California, USA
F Santos, AS Wymore, BK Jackson, SMP Sullivan, WH McDowell, ...
Fire Ecology 15 (1), 1-15, 2019
The influence of time and plant species on the composition of the decomposing bacterial community in a stream ecosystem
AS Wymore, CM Liu, BA Hungate, E Schwartz, LB Price, TG Whitham, ...
Microbial ecology 71, 825-834, 2016
Dissolved organic carbon and nitrate concentration‐discharge behavior across scales: Land use, excursions, and misclassification
HM Fazekas, AS Wymore, WH McDowell
Water Resources Research 56 (8), e2019WR027028, 2020
Divergent controls on stream greenhouse gas concentrations across a land-use gradient
AM Herreid, AS Wymore, RK Varner, JD Potter, WH McDowell
Ecosystems 24, 1299-1316, 2021
Shifting stoichiometry: Long‐term trends in stream‐dissolved organic matter reveal altered C: N ratios due to history of atmospheric acid deposition
BM Rodríguez‐Cardona, AS Wymore, A Argerich, RT Barnes, S Bernal, ...
Global Change Biology 28 (1), 98-114, 2022
Gradients of anthropogenic nutrient enrichment alter N composition and DOM stoichiometry in freshwater ecosystems
AS Wymore, PJ Johnes, S Bernal, ENJ Brookshire, HM Fazekas, ...
Global Biogeochemical Cycles 35 (8), e2021GB006953, 2021
Multiyear trends in solute concentrations and fluxes from a suburban watershed: Evaluating effects of 100‐year flood events
AA Coble, AS Wymore, MD Shattuck, JD Potter, WH McDowell
Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 123 (9), 3072-3087, 2018
Effects of plant species on stream bacterial communities via leachate from leaf litter
AS Wymore, E Salpas, G Casaburi, CM Liu, LB Price, BA Hungate, ...
Hydrobiologia 807, 131-144, 2018
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