Margo Emont
Margo Emont
Postdoctoral Researcher, BIDMC
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A single-cell atlas of human and mouse white adipose tissue
MP Emont, C Jacobs, AL Essene, D Pant, D Tenen, G Colleluori, ...
Nature 603 (7903), 926-933, 2022
An immune-beige adipocyte communication via nicotinic acetylcholine receptor signaling
H Jun, H Yu, J Gong, J Jiang, X Qiao, E Perkey, D Kim, MP Emont, ...
Nature medicine 24 (6), 814-822, 2018
Cinnamaldehyde induces fat cell-autonomous thermogenesis and metabolic reprogramming
J Jiang, MP Emont, H Jun, X Qiao, J Liao, D Kim, J Wu
Metabolism 77, 58-64, 2017
Laminin α4 deficient mice exhibit decreased capacity for adipose tissue expansion and weight gain
MK Vaicik, J Thyboll Kortesmaa, S Movérare-Skrtic, J Kortesmaa, ...
PLoS One 9 (10), e109854, 2014
Using a 3D culture system to differentiate visceral adipocytes in vitro
MP Emont, H Yu, H Jun, X Hong, N Maganti, JP Stegemann, J Wu
Endocrinology 156 (12), 4761-4768, 2015
Mesothelial cells are not a source of adipocytes in mice
GP Westcott, MP Emont, J Li, C Jacobs, L Tsai, ED Rosen
Cell reports 36 (2), 2021
The kielin/chordin-like protein (KCP) attenuates high-fat diet-induced obesity and metabolic syndrome in mice
A Soofi, KI Wolf, MP Emont, N Qi, G Martinez-Santibanez, E Grimley, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 292 (22), 9051-9062, 2017
Adrenergic-independent signaling via CHRNA2 regulates beige fat activation
H Jun, Y Ma, Y Chen, J Gong, S Liu, J Wang, AJ Knights, X Qiao, ...
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Isolation of mouse stromal vascular cells for monolayer culture
L Liu, LD Zheng, SR Donnelly, MP Emont, J Wu, Z Cheng
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Transcriptional control and hormonal response of thermogenic fat
MP Emont, H Yu, J Wu
Journal of Endocrinology 225 (2), R35-R47, 2015
HDAC3-selective inhibition activates brown and beige fat through PRDM16
J Liao, J Jiang, H Jun, X Qiao, MP Emont, D Kim, J Wu
Endocrinology 159 (7), 2520-2527, 2018
Architecture of the outbred brown fat proteome defines regulators of metabolic physiology
H Xiao, LHM Bozi, Y Sun, CL Riley, VM Philip, M Chen, J Li, T Zhang, ...
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Hepatic IRF3 fuels dysglycemia in obesity through direct regulation of Ppp2r1b
SJ Patel, N Liu, S Piaker, A Gulko, ML Andrade, FD Heyward, ...
Science translational medicine 14 (637), eabh3831, 2022
Development, activation, and therapeutic potential of thermogenic adipocytes
MP Emont, D Kim, J Wu
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids …, 2019
Silencing Mediator of Retinoid and Thyroid Hormone Receptors (SMRT) regulates glucocorticoid action in adipocytes
MP Emont, S Mantis, JH Kahn, M Landeche, X Han, RM Sargis, ...
Molecular and cellular endocrinology 407, 52-56, 2015
An OLTAM system for analysis of brown/beige fat thermogenic activity
DI Kim, J Liao, MP Emont, MJ Park, H Jun, SK Ramakrishnan, JD Lin, ...
International Journal of Obesity 42 (4), 939-945, 2018
Isolation and differentiation of murine primary brown/beige preadipocytes
H Yu, M Emont, H Jun, J Wu
Adipose-Derived Stem Cells: Methods and Protocols, 273-282, 2018
Exploring the heterogeneity of white adipose tissue in mouse and man
MP Emont, ED Rosen
Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 80, 102045, 2023
Author Correction: A single-cell atlas of human and mouse white adipose tissue
MP Emont, C Jacobs, AL Essene, D Pant, D Tenen, G Colleluori, ...
Nature 620 (7973), E14, 2023
Protocol for flow cytometry-assisted single-nucleus RNA sequencing of human and mouse adipose tissue with sample multiplexing
A Gulko, A Essene, DM Belmont-Rausch, M Veregge, D Pant, D Tenen, ...
STAR protocols 5 (1), 102893, 2024
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