Rakesh Shukla
Rakesh Shukla
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Coexistence of sign reversal of both magnetization and exchange bias field in the core-shell type La0. 2Ce0. 8CrO3 nanoparticles
PK Manna, SM Yusuf, R Shukla, AK Tyagi
Applied Physics Letters 96 (24), 2010
Multifunctional Nanocrystalline CeCrO3: Antiferromagnetic, Relaxor, and Optical Properties
R Shukla, AK Bera, SM Yusuf, SK Deshpande, AK Tyagi, W Hermes, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 (29), 12663-12668, 2009
Gd2O3: Eu3+ particles prepared by glycine-nitrate combustion: Phase, concentration, annealing, and luminescence studies
RS Ningthoujam, R Shukla, RK Vatsa, V Duppel, L Kienle, AK Tyagi
Journal of Applied Physics 105 (8), 2009
La1−xCexCrO3 (0.0 ≤ x ≤ 1.0): A New Series of Solid Solutions with Tunable Magnetic and Optical Properties
R Shukla, J Manjanna, AK Bera, SM Yusuf, AK Tyagi
Inorganic chemistry 48 (24), 11691-11696, 2009
Exchange bias in BiFeMnO nanoparticles with an antiferromagnetic core and a diluted antiferromagnetic shell
PK Manna, SM Yusuf, R Shukla, AK Tyagi
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 83 (18), 184412, 2011
Development of a nano-zirconia based 68Ge/68Ga generator for biomedical applications
R Chakravarty, R Shukla, R Ram, AK Tyagi, A Dash, M Venkatesh
Nuclear Medicine and Biology 38 (4), 575-583, 2011
Effect of grain size and microstructure on radiation stability of CeO 2: an extensive study
V Grover, R Shukla, R Kumari, BP Mandal, PK Kulriya, SK Srivastava, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (48), 27065-27073, 2014
Nanoceria-PAN Composite-Based Advanced Sorbent Material: A Major Step Forward in the Field of Clinical-Grade 68Ge/68Ga Generator
R Chakravarty, R Shukla, R Ram, M Venkatesh, A Dash, AK Tyagi
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2 (7), 2069-2075, 2010
Exploring pure and RE co-doped (Eu3+, Tb3+ and Dy3+) gadolinium scandate: Luminescence behaviour and dynamics of energy transfer
SK Gupta, V Grover, R Shukla, K Srinivasu, V Natarajan, AK Tyagi
Chemical Engineering Journal 283, 114-126, 2016
Practicality of Tetragonal Nano-Zirconia as a Prospective Sorbent in the Preparation of 99Mo/99mTc Generator for Biomedical Applications
R Chakravarty, R Shukla, R Ram, AK Tyagi, A Dash, M Venkatesh
Chromatographia 72, 875-884, 2010
Polymer embedded nanocrystalline titania sorbent for 99Mo-99mTc generator
R Chakravarty, R Shukla, S Gandhi, R Ram, A Dash, M Venkatesh, ...
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 8 (9), 4447-4452, 2008
Nanocrystalline YCrO3 with onion-like structure and unusual magnetic behaviour
V Bedekar, R Shukla, AK Tyagi
Nanotechnology 18 (15), 155706, 2007
The role of reaction conditions in the polymorphic control of Eu 3+ doped YInO 3: structure and size sensitive luminescence
R Shukla, SK Gupta, V Grover, V Natarajan, AK Tyagi
Dalton Transactions 44 (23), 10628-10635, 2015
Facile synthesis of ZrO2 powders: Control of morphology
V Grover, R Shukla, AK Tyagi
Scripta materialia 57 (8), 699-702, 2007
Oxidation of benzylic alcohols to carbonyls using tert-butyl hydroperoxide over pure phase nanocrystalline CeCrO3
AS Burange, RV Jayaram, R Shukla, AK Tyagi
Catalysis Communications 40, 27-31, 2013
Complex GdSc1–xInxO3 Oxides: Synthesis and Structure Driven Tunable Electrical Properties
V Grover, R Shukla, D Jain, SK Deshpande, A Arya, CGS Pillai, AK Tyagi
Chemistry of Materials 24 (11), 2186-2196, 2012
Nanocrystalline zirconia: A novel sorbent for the preparation of 188W/188Re generator
R Chakravarty, R Shukla, AK Tyagi, A Dash, M Venkatesh
Applied Radiation and Isotopes 68 (2), 229-238, 2010
Crucial role of the reaction conditions in isolating several metastable phases in a Gd− Ce− Zr− O system
BP Mandal, R Shukla, SN Achary, AK Tyagi
Inorganic chemistry 49 (22), 10415-10421, 2010
Radiation stability of Gd2Zr2O7: effect of stoichiometry and structure
R Kumari, PK Kulriya, V Grover, R Shukla, K Saravanan, S Mohapatra, ...
Ceramics International 42 (1), 103-109, 2016
Role of temperature in the radiation stability of yttria stabilized zirconia under swift heavy ion irradiation: A study from the perspective of nuclear reactor applications
P Kalita, S Ghosh, G Sattonnay, UB Singh, V Grover, R Shukla, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 122 (2), 2017
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