Julia Bahnmueller
Julia Bahnmueller
Centre for Mathematical Cognition, Loughborough University
Потвърден имейл адрес: lboro.ac.uk
Language influences on numerical development—Inversion effects on multi-digit number processing
E Klein, J Bahnmuelller, A Mann, S Pixner, L Kaufmann, HC Nuerk, ...
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An integration of competing accounts on children’s number line estimation
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Use of digital guides in museum galleries: Determinants of information selection
K Eghbal-Azar, M Merkt, J Bahnmueller, S Schwan
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Magnitude processing of symbolic and non-symbolic proportions: an fMRI study
J Mock, S Huber, J Bloechle, JF Dietrich, J Bahnmueller, J Rennig, ...
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Cognitive enhancement of numerical and arithmetic capabilities: a mini-review of available transcranial electric stimulation studies
PA Schröder, T Dresler, J Bahnmueller, C Artemenko, R Cohen Kadosh, ...
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NIRS in motion—unraveling the neurocognitive underpinnings of embodied numerical cognition
J Bahnmueller, T Dresler, AC Ehlis, U Cress, HC Nuerk
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On the limits of language influences on numerical cognition–no inversion effects in three-digit number magnitude processing in adults
J Bahnmueller, K Moeller, A Mann, HC Nuerk
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Neuro-cognitive mechanisms of global Gestalt perception in visual quantification
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Processing symbolic and non-symbolic proportions: Domain-specific numerical and domain-general processes in intraparietal cortex
J Mock, S Huber, J Bloechle, J Bahnmueller, K Moeller, E Klein
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A taxonomy proposal for types of interactions of language and place-value processing in multi-digit numbers
J Bahnmueller, HC Nuerk, K Moeller
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Spatial arrangement and set size influence the coding of non-symbolic quantities in the intraparietal sulcus
J Bloechle, JF Huber, E Klein, J Bahnmueller, J Rennig, K Moeller, ...
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When the brain comes into play: Neurofunctional correlates of emotions and reward in game-based learning
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Training arithmetic and orthography on a web-based and socially-interactive learning platform
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International Journal of Education and Information Technologies 10, 2016
Direct evidence for linguistic influences in two-digit number processing.
J Bahnmueller, CA Maier, SM Göbel, K Moeller
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition 45 (6), 1142, 2019
Neurofunctional plasticity in fraction learning: An fMRI training study
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Pick the smaller number: No influence of linguistic markedness on threedigit number processing
J Bahnmueller, K Cipora, SM Göbel, HC Nuerk, M Soltanlou
Journal of Numerical Cognition 7 (3), 295-307, 2021
Anticipation of difficult tasks: neural correlates of negative emotions and emotion regulation
E Klein, SM Bieck, J Bloechle, S Huber, J Bahnmueller, K Willmes, ...
Behavioral and Brain Functions 15 (1), 1-13, 2019
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