Hanchuan Peng
Hanchuan Peng
Allen Institute for Brain Science
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Feature selection based on mutual information criteria of max-dependency, max-relevance, and min-redundancy
H Peng, F Long, C Ding
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Minimum redundancy feature selection from microarray gene expression data
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V3D enables real-time 3D visualization and quantitative analysis of large-scale biological image data sets
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Biological imaging software tools
KW Eliceiri, MR Berthold, IG Goldberg, L Ibáñez, BS Manjunath, ...
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Bioimage informatics: a new area of engineering biology
H Peng
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Extensible visualization and analysis for multidimensional images using Vaa3D
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Evolving feature selection
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mGRASP enables mapping mammalian synaptic connectivity with light microscopy
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A 3D digital atlas of C. elegans and its application to single-cell analyses
F Long, H Peng, X Liu, SK Kim, E Myers
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BigNeuron: large-scale 3D neuron reconstruction from optical microscopy images
H Peng, M Hawrylycz, J Roskams, S Hill, N Spruston, E Meijering, ...
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Integrated morphoelectric and transcriptomic classification of cortical GABAergic cells
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APP2: automatic tracing of 3D neuron morphology based on hierarchical pruning of a gray-weighted image distance-tree
H Xiao, H Peng
Bioinformatics 29 (11), 1448-1454, 2013
BrainAligner: 3D registration atlases of Drosophila brains
H Peng, P Chung, F Long, L Qu, A Jenett, AM Seeds, EW Myers, ...
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Imagining the future of bioimage analysis
E Meijering, AE Carpenter, H Peng, FA Hamprecht, JC Olivo-Marin
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Analysis of cell fate from single-cell gene expression profiles in C. elegans
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Automatic 3D neuron tracing using all-path pruning
H Peng, F Long, G Myers
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Clonal development and organization of the adult Drosophila central brain
HH Yu, T Awasaki, MD Schroeder, F Long, JS Yang, Y He, P Ding, ...
Current Biology 23 (8), 633-643, 2013
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