Laurent Guéguen
Laurent Guéguen
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Bio++: efficient extensible libraries and tools for computational molecular evolution
L Guéguen, S Gaillard, B Boussau, M Gouy, M Groussin, NC Rochette, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 30 (8), 1745-1750, 2013
Genomic species are ecological species as revealed by comparative genomics in Agrobacterium tumefaciens
F Lassalle, T Campillo, L Vial, J Baude, D Costechareyre, D Chapulliot, ...
Genome Biology and Evolution 3, 762-781, 2011
Horizontal gene transfer regulation in bacteria as a “spandrel” of DNA repair mechanisms
S Fall, A Mercier, F Bertolla, A Calteau, L Gueguen, G Perriere, TM Vogel, ...
PloS one 2 (10), e1055, 2007
Accounting for horizontal gene transfers explains conflicting hypotheses regarding the position of aquificales in the phylogeny of Bacteria
B Boussau, L Guéguen, M Gouy
BMC evolutionary biology 8 (1), 1-18, 2008
MareyMap: an R-based tool with graphical interface for estimating recombination rates
C Rezvoy, D Charif, L Guéguen, GAB Marais
Bioinformatics 23 (16), 2188-2189, 2007
Less effective selection leads to larger genomes
T Lefébure, C Morvan, F Malard, C François, L Konecny-Dupré, ...
Genome Research 27 (6), 1016-1028, 2017
Efficient gene tree correction guided by genome evolution
E Noutahi, M Semeria, M Lafond, J Seguin, B Boussau, L Guéguen, ...
PLoS One 11 (8), e0159559, 2016
Breaking good: accounting for fragility of genomic regions in rearrangement distance estimation
P Biller, L Guéguen, C Knibbe, E Tannier
Genome biology and evolution 8 (5), 1427-1439, 2016
Unbiased estimate of synonymous and nonsynonymous substitution rates with nonstationary base composition
L Guéguen, L Duret
Molecular Biology and Evolution 35 (3), 734-742, 2018
Segmentation by maximal predictive partitioning according to composition biases
L Guéguen
International Conference on Biology, Informatics, and Mathematics, 32-44, 2000
Accurate detection of convergent amino-acid evolution with PCOC
C Rey, L Guéguen, M Sémon, B Boussau
Molecular biology and evolution 35 (9), 2296-2306, 2018
Duplication, rearrangement and reconciliation: a follow-up 13 years later
C Chauve, N El-Mabrouk, L Guéguen, M Semeria, E Tannier
Models and algorithms for genome evolution, 47-62, 2013
Sarment: Python modules for HMM analysis and partitioning of sequences
L Guéguen
Bioinformatics 21 (16), 3427-3428, 2005
Patterns of molecular evolution in dioecious and non‐dioecious Silene
J Käfer, M Talianová, T Bigot, E Michu, L Guéguen, A Widmer, J Žlůvová, ...
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 26 (2), 335-346, 2013
UV-targeted dinucleotides are not depleted in light-exposed prokaryotic genomes
L Palmeira, L Guéguen, JR Lobry
Molecular biology and evolution 23 (11), 2214-2219, 2006
Ancestral Genome Estimation Reveals the History of Ecological Diversification in Agrobacterium
F Lassalle, R Planel, S Penel, D Chapulliot, V Barbe, A Dubost, A Calteau, ...
Genome biology and evolution 9 (12), 3413-3431, 2017
Accurate estimation of substitution rates with neighbor-dependent models in a phylogenetic context
J Bérard, L Guéguen
Systematic biology 61 (3), 510-521, 2012
A mixture model and a hidden markov model to simultaneously detect recombination breakpoints and reconstruct phylogenies
B Boussau, L Guéguen, M Gouy
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 5, EBO. S2242, 2009
The heterochromatic copies of the LTR retrotransposons as a record of the genomic events that have shaped the Drosophila melanogaster genome
N Mugnier, L Gueguen, C Vieira, C Biémont
Gene 411 (1-2), 87-93, 2008
A computational prediction of isochores based on hidden Markov models
C Melodelima, L Guéguen, D Piau, C Gautier
Gene 385, 41-49, 2006
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