Rebecca Greenbaum
Rebecca Greenbaum
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How low does ethical leadership flow? Test of a trickle-down model
DM Mayer, M Kuenzi, R Greenbaum, M Bardes, RB Salvador
Organizational behavior and human decision processes 108 (1), 1-13, 2009
Who displays ethical leadership, and why does it matter? An examination of antecedents and consequences of ethical leadership
DM Mayer, K Aquino, RL Greenbaum, M Kuenzi
Academy of management journal 55 (1), 151-171, 2012
The relationship between ethical leadership and core job characteristics
RF Piccolo, R Greenbaum, DN Hartog, R Folger
Journal of organizational behavior 31 (2‐3), 259-278, 2010
Examining the link between ethical leadership and employee misconduct: The mediating role of ethical climate
DM Mayer, M Kuenzi, RL Greenbaum
Journal of business ethics 95, 7-16, 2010
Bottom-line mentality as an antecedent of social undermining and the moderating roles of core self-evaluations and conscientiousness.
RL Greenbaum, MB Mawritz, G Eissa
Journal of Applied Psychology 97 (2), 343, 2012
Can you handle the pressure? The effect of performance pressure on stress appraisals, self-regulation, and behavior
MS Mitchell, RL Greenbaum, RM Vogel, MB Mawritz, DJ Keating
Academy of Management Journal 62 (2), 531-552, 2019
My boss is morally disengaged: The role of ethical leadership in explaining the interactive effect of supervisor and employee moral disengagement on employee behaviors
JM Bonner, RL Greenbaum, DM Mayer
Journal of Business Ethics 137, 731-742, 2016
Ethical leadership and employee success: Examining the roles of psychological empowerment and emotional exhaustion
SB Dust, CJ Resick, JA Margolis, MB Mawritz, RL Greenbaum
The Leadership Quarterly 29 (5), 570-583, 2018
I just can’t control myself: A self-regulation perspective on the abuse of deviant employees
MB Mawritz, RL Greenbaum, MM Butts, KA Graham
Academy of Management Journal 60 (4), 1482-1503, 2017
Creating an ethical organizational environment: The relationship between ethical leadership, ethical organizational climate, and unethical behavior
M Kuenzi, DM Mayer, RL Greenbaum
Personnel Psychology 73 (1), 43-71, 2020
Employee Machiavellianism to unethical behavior: The role of abusive supervision as a trait activator
RL Greenbaum, A Hill, MB Mawritz, MJ Quade
Journal of Management 43 (2), 585-609, 2017
When leaders fail to “walk the talk” supervisor undermining and perceptions of leader hypocrisy
RL Greenbaum, MB Mawritz, RF Piccolo
Journal of Management 41 (3), 929-956, 2015
Employee unethical behavior to shame as an indicator of self-image threat and exemplification as a form of self-image protection: The exacerbating role of supervisor bottom …
JM Bonner, RL Greenbaum, MJ Quade
Journal of Applied Psychology 102 (8), 1203, 2017
To act out, to withdraw, or to constructively resist? Employee reactions to supervisor abuse of customers and the moderating role of employee moral identity
RL Greenbaum, MB Mawritz, DM Mayer, M Priesemuth
Human relations 66 (7), 925-950, 2013
Making ethical climate a mainstream management topic
DM Mayer, M Kuenzi, RL Greenbaum
Psychological perspectives on ethical behavior and decision making, 181-213, 2009
Moral emotions: A review and research agenda for management scholarship
R Greenbaum, J Bonner, T Gray, M Mawritz
Journal of organizational behavior 41 (2), 95-114, 2020
When the customer is unethical: the explanatory role of employee emotional exhaustion onto work–family conflict, relationship conflict with coworkers, and job neglect.
RL Greenbaum, MJ Quade, MB Mawritz, J Kim, D Crosby
Journal of Applied Psychology 99 (6), 1188, 2014
Whatever it takes: How and when supervisor bottom-line mentality motivates employee contributions in the workplace
MT Babalola, MB Mawritz, RL Greenbaum, S Ren, OA Garba
Journal of Management 47 (5), 1134-1154, 2021
The importance of contextual variables when judging fairness: An examination of counterfactual thoughts and fairness theory
JM Nicklin, R Greenbaum, LA McNall, R Folger, KJ Williams
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 114 (2), 127-141, 2011
“I don't want to be near you, unless…”: The interactive effect of unethical behavior and performance onto relationship conflict and workplace ostracism
MJ Quade, RL Greenbaum, OV Petrenko
Personnel Psychology 70 (3), 675-709, 2017
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