Mario Mitov
Mario Mitov
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Influence of artificial mediators on yeast-based fuel cell performance
S Babanova, Y Hubenova, M Mitov
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Extracellular electron transfer in yeast-based biofuel cells: A review
Y Hubenova, M Mitov
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Potential application of Candida melibiosica in biofuel cells
Y Hubenova, M Mitov
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M Mitov, R Rashkov, N Atanassov, A Zielonka
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Conversion of solar energy into electricity by using duckweed in direct photosynthetic plant fuel cell
Y Hubenova, M Mitov
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Novel nanostructured electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction in neutral and weak acidic solutions
M Mitov, E Chorbadzhiyska, R Rashkov, Y Hubenova
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Improvement of yeast− biofuel cell output by electrode modifications
YV Hubenova, RS Rashkov, VD Buchvarov, MH Arnaudova, ...
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Chemometrical assessment of the electrical parameters obtained by long-term operating freshwater sediment microbial fuel cells
M Mitov, I Bardarov, P Mandjukov, Y Hubenova
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Nanoparticles produced by borohydride reduction as precursors for metal hydride electrodes
M Mitov, A Popov, I Dragieva
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Nanomodified NiFe-and NiFeP-carbon felt as anode electrocatalysts in yeast-biofuel cell
Y Hubenova, R Rashkov, V Buchvarov, S Babanova, M Mitov
Journal of materials science 46, 7074-7081, 2011
Mitochondrial origin of extracelullar transferred electrons in yeast-based biofuel cells
Y Hubenova, M Mitov
Bioelectrochemistry 106, 232-239, 2015
Corrosion of aluminium and aluminium alloy in ethylene glycol–water mixtures
J Zaharieva, M Milanova, M Mitov, L Lutov, S Manev, D Todorovsky
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 470 (1-2), 397-403, 2009
Stable current outputs and phytate degradation by yeast‐based biofuel cell
Y Hubenova, D Georgiev, M Mitov
Yeast 31 (9), 343-348, 2014
Pd‐Au Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction at Neutral pH
E Chorbadzhiyska, M Mitov, G Hristov, N Dimcheva, L Nalbandian, ...
International Journal of Electrochemistry 2014 (1), 239270, 2014
Uncertainties of Yeast‐Based Biofuel Cell Operational Characteristics
S Babanova, Y Hubenova, M Mitov, P Mandjukov
Fuel Cells 11 (6), 824-837, 2011
Possibilities for battery application of Co< sub> x</sub> B< sub> y</sub> H< sub> z</sub> colloid particles
M Mitov, A Popov, I Dragieva
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 149 (1–3 …, 1999
Electroactivity of the Gram-positive bacterium Paenibacillus dendritiformis MA-72
Y Hubenova, E Hubenova, M Mitov
Bioelectrochemistry 136, 107632, 2020
Enhanced metabolic and redox activity of vascular aquatic plant Lemna valdiviana under polarization in Direct Photosynthetic Plant Fuel Cell
Y Hubenova, M Mitov
Bioelectrochemistry 106, 226-231, 2015
Light-dependent processes on the cathode enhance the electrical outputs of sediment microbial fuel cells
I Bardarov, M Mitov, D Ivanova, Y Hubenova
Bioelectrochemistry 122, 1-10, 2018
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