Yi Pan (潘毅)
Yi Pan (潘毅)
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Highly ordered, millimeter‐scale, continuous, single‐crystalline graphene monolayer formed on Ru (0001)
Y Pan, H Zhang, D Shi, J Sun, S Du, F Liu, H Gao
Advanced Materials 21 (27), 2777-2780, 2009
Epitaxial growth and structural property of graphene on Pt (111)
M Gao, Y Pan, L Huang, H Hu, LZ Zhang, HM Guo, SX Du, HJ Gao
Applied Physics Letters 98 (3), 2011
Tunability of supramolecular kagome lattices of magnetic phthalocyanines using graphene-based moiré patterns as templates
J Mao, H Zhang, Y Jiang, Y Pan, M Gao, W Xiao, HJ Gao
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (40), 14136-14137, 2009
Realizing large-scale, electronic-grade two-dimensional semiconductors
YC Lin, B Jariwala, BM Bersch, K Xu, Y Nie, B Wang, SM Eichfeld, ...
ACS nano 12 (2), 965-975, 2018
Formation of graphene on Ru (0001) surface
P Yi, S Dong-Xia, G Hong-Jun
Chinese Physics 16 (11), 3151, 2007
Directed self-assembly of monodispersed platinum nanoclusters on graphene moiré template
Y Pan, M Gao, L Huang, F Liu, HJ Gao
Applied Physics Letters 95 (9), 2009
Tunable interfacial properties of epitaxial graphene on metal substrates
M Gao, Y Pan, C Zhang, H Hu, R Yang, H Lu, J Cai, S Du, F Liu, HJ Gao
Applied Physics Letters 96 (5), 2010
Silicon layer intercalation of centimeter-scale, epitaxially grown monolayer graphene on Ru (0001)
J Mao, L Huang, Y Pan, M Gao, J He, H Zhou, H Guo, Y Tian, Q Zou, ...
Applied Physics Letters 100 (9), 2012
Assembly of iron phthalocyanine and pentacene molecules on a graphene monolayer grown on Ru (0001)
HG Zhang, JT Sun, T Low, LZ Zhang, Y Pan, Q Liu, JH Mao, HT Zhou, ...
Physical Review B 84 (24), 245436, 2011
Quantum-Confined Electronic States arising from Moir\'e Pattern of MoS2-WSe2 Hetero-bilayers
Y Pan, S Fölsch, Y Nie, D Waters, YC Lin, B Jariwala, K Zhang, K Cho, ...
Nano Letters 18 (3), 1849, 2018
Construction of 2D atomic crystals on transition metal surfaces: graphene, silicene, and hafnene
Y Pan, L Zhang, L Huang, L Li, L Meng, M Gao, Q Huan, X Lin, Y Wang, ...
small 10 (11), 2215-2225, 2014
Intercalation of metal islands and films at the interface of epitaxially grown graphene and Ru (0001) surfaces
L Huang, Y Pan, L Pan, M Gao, W Xu, Y Que, H Zhou, Y Wang, S Du, ...
Applied Physics Letters 99 (16), 2011
Graphene based quantum dots
HG Zhang, H Hu, Y Pan, JH Mao, M Gao, HM Guo, SX Du, T Greber, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 22 (30), 302001, 2010
Titration of Ce 3+ ions in the CeO 2 (111) surface by Au adatoms
Y Pan, N Nilius, HJ Freund, J Paier, C Penschke, J Sauer
Physical review letters 111 (20), 206101, 2013
Ceria nanocrystals exposing wide (100) facets: structure and polarity compensation
Y Pan, N Nilius, C Stiehler, HJ Freund, J Goniakowski, C Noguera
Advanced Materials Interfaces 1 (9), 1400404, 2014
One dimensional metallic edges in atomically thin WSe2 induced by air exposure
R Addou, CM Smyth, JY Noh, YC Lin, Y Pan, SM Eichfeld, S Fölsch, ...
2D Materials 5 (2), 025017, 2018
Flat Bands and Mechanical Deformation Effects in the Moiré Superlattice of MoS2-WSe2 Heterobilayers
D Waters, Y Nie, F Lüpke, Y Pan, S Fölsch, YC Lin, B Jariwala, ...
ACS nano 14 (6), 7564-7573, 2020
Change of the surface electronic structure of Au (111) by a monolayer MgO (001) film
Y Pan, S Benedetti, N Nilius, HJ Freund
Physical Review B 84 (7), 075456, 2011
Gold adsorption on CeO2 thin films grown on Ru (0001)
Y Pan, Y Cui, C Stiehler, N Nilius, HJ Freund
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (42), 21879-21885, 2013
Electron quantization in arbitrarily shaped gold islands on MgO thin films
C Stiehler, Y Pan, WD Schneider, P Koskinen, H Häkkinen, N Nilius, ...
Physical Review B 88 (11), 115415, 2013
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