Chris Roelfsema
Chris Roelfsema
School of Earth and Environmental Sciences (SEES), University of Queensland
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Mapping seagrass species, cover and biomass in shallow waters: An assessment of satellite multi-spectral and airborne hyper-spectral imaging systems in Moreton Bay (Australia)
S Phinn, C Roelfsema, A Dekker, V Brando, J Anstee
Remote sensing of Environment 112 (8), 3413-3425, 2008
Intercomparison of shallow water bathymetry, hydro‐optics, and benthos mapping techniques in Australian and Caribbean coastal environments
AG Dekker, SR Phinn, J Anstee, P Bissett, VE Brando, B Casey, P Fearns, ...
Limnology and Oceanography: Methods 9 (9), 396-425, 2011
A physics based retrieval and quality assessment of bathymetry from suboptimal hyperspectral data
VE Brando, JM Anstee, M Wettle, AG Dekker, SR Phinn, C Roelfsema
Remote Sensing of Environment 113 (4), 755-770, 2009
Remote sensing of coral reefs for monitoring and management: a review
JD Hedley, CM Roelfsema, I Chollett, AR Harborne, SF Heron, S Weeks, ...
Remote Sensing 8 (2), 118, 2016
Multi-scale, object-based image analysis for mapping geomorphic and ecological zones on coral reefs
SR Phinn, CM Roelfsema, PJ Mumby
International Journal of Remote Sensing 33 (12), 3768-3797, 2012
Towards automated annotation of benthic survey images: Variability of human experts and operational modes of automation
O Beijbom, PJ Edmunds, C Roelfsema, J Smith, DI Kline, BP Neal, ...
PloS one 10 (7), e0130312, 2015
Integrating Quickbird multi-spectral satellite and field data: mapping bathymetry, seagrass cover, seagrass species and change in Moreton Bay, Australia in 2004 and 2007
M Lyons, S Phinn, C Roelfsema
Remote Sensing 3 (1), 42-64, 2011
Measuring coral reef terrain roughness using ‘Structure-from-Motion’close-range photogrammetry
JX Leon, CM Roelfsema, MI Saunders, SR Phinn
Geomorphology 242, 21-28, 2015
Multi-temporal mapping of seagrass cover, species and biomass: A semi-automated object based image analysis approach
CM Roelfsema, M Lyons, EM Kovacs, P Maxwell, MI Saunders, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 150, 172-187, 2014
Long term land cover and seagrass mapping using Landsat and object-based image analysis from 1972 to 2010 in the coastal environment of South East Queensland, Australia
MB Lyons, SR Phinn, CM Roelfsema
ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 71, 34-46, 2012
Continental scale mapping of tidal flats across East Asia using the Landsat archive
NJ Murray, SR Phinn, RS Clemens, CM Roelfsema, RA Fuller
Remote Sensing 4 (11), 3417-3426, 2012
An integrated field and remote sensing approach for mapping seagrass cover, Moreton Bay, Australia
CM Roelfsema, SR Phinn, N Udy, P Maxwell
Journal of Spatial Science 54 (1), 45-62, 2009
Efficient radiative transfer model inversion for remote sensing applications
J Hedley, C Roelfsema, SR Phinn
Remote Sensing of Environment 113 (11), 2527-2532, 2009
Capability of the Sentinel 2 mission for tropical coral reef mapping and coral bleaching detection
J Hedley, C Roelfsema, B Koetz, S Phinn
Remote Sensing of Environment 120, 145-155, 2012
Herbicides implicated as the cause of severe mangrove dieback in the Mackay region, NE Australia: consequences for marine plant habitats of the GBR World Heritage Area
NC Duke, AM Bell, DK Pederson, CM Roelfsema, SB Nash
Marine Pollution Bulletin 51 (1-4), 308-324, 2005
Coral reef applications of Sentinel-2: Coverage, characteristics, bathymetry and benthic mapping with comparison to Landsat 8
JD Hedley, C Roelfsema, V Brando, C Giardino, T Kutser, S Phinn, ...
Remote sensing of environment 216, 598-614, 2018
Coastal retreat and improved water quality mitigate losses of seagrass from sea level rise
MI Saunders, J Leon, SR Phinn, DP Callaghan, KR O'Brien, ...
Global change biology 19 (8), 2569-2583, 2013
Environmental and sensor limitations in optical remote sensing of coral reefs: Implications for monitoring and sensor design
JD Hedley, CM Roelfsema, SR Phinn, PJ Mumby
Remote Sensing 4 (1), 271-302, 2012
Mapping coral reefs at reef to reef-system scales, 10s–1000s km2, using object-based image analysis
C Roelfsema, S Phinn, S Jupiter, J Comley, S Albert
International journal of remote sensing 34 (18), 6367-6388, 2013
Mapping water quality and substrate cover in optically complex coastal and reef waters: an integrated approach
SR Phinn, AG Dekker, VE Brando, CM Roelfsema
Marine pollution bulletin 51 (1-4), 459-469, 2005
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