Sarah C Penniston-Dorland
Sarah C Penniston-Dorland
Professor of Geology, University of Maryland
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The global range of subduction zone thermal structures from exhumed blueschists and eclogites: Rocks are hotter than models
SC Penniston-Dorland, MJ Kohn, CE Manning
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 428, 243-254, 2015
Lithium isotope geochemistry
S Penniston-Dorland, XM Liu, RL Rudnick
Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry 82 (1), 165-217, 2017
Fluid and mass transfer at subduction interfaces—The field metamorphic record
GE Bebout, SC Penniston-Dorland
Lithos 240, 228-258, 2016
Lithium isotopes as a tracer of fluids in a subduction zone mélange: Franciscan Complex, CA
SC Penniston-Dorland, SS Sorensen, RD Ash, SV Khadke
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 292 (1-2), 181-190, 2010
Illumination of vein quartz textures in a porphyry copper ore deposit using scanned cathodoluminescence: Grasberg Igneous Complex, Irian Jaya, Indonesia
SC Penniston-Dorland
American Mineralogist 86 (5-6), 652-666, 2001
Lithium and its isotopes as tracers of subduction zone fluids and metasomatic processes: Evidence from the Catalina Schist, California, USA
SC Penniston-Dorland, GE Bebout, PAEP von Strandmann, T Elliott, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 77, 530-545, 2012
The direction of fluid flow during contact metamorphism of siliceous carbonate rocks: new data for the Monzoni and Predazzo aureoles, northern Italy, and a global review
JM Ferry, BA Wing, SC Penniston-Dorland, D Rumble
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 142, 679-699, 2002
Radiometric and stratigraphic constraints on terminal Ediacaran (post-Gaskiers) glaciation and metazoan evolution
CL Hebert, AJ Kaufman, SC Penniston-Dorland, AJ Martin
Precambrian Research 182 (4), 402-412, 2010
Multiple sulfur isotopes reveal a magmatic origin for the Platreef platinum group element deposit, Bushveld Complex, South Africa
SC Penniston-Dorland, BA Wing, PAM Nex, JA Kinnaird, J Farquhar, ...
Geology 36 (12), 979-982, 2008
Multiple sulfur isotope evidence for surface-derived sulfur in the Bushveld Complex
SC Penniston-Dorland, EA Mathez, BA Wing, J Farquhar, JA Kinnaird
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 337, 236-242, 2012
Element mobility and scale of mass transport in the formation of quartz veins during regional metamorphism of the Waits River Formation, east-central Vermont
SC Penniston-Dorland, JM Ferry
American Mineralogist 93 (1), 7-21, 2008
Geochemistry of intermediate olivine‐phyric shergottite Northwest Africa 6234, with similarities to basaltic shergottite Northwest Africa 480 and olivine‐phyric shergottite …
J Filiberto, E Chin, JMD Day, IA Franchi, RC Greenwood, J Gross, ...
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 47 (8), 1256-1273, 2012
Reaction rind formation in the Catalina Schist: Deciphering a history of mechanical mixing and metasomatic alteration
SC Penniston-Dorland, JK Gorman, GE Bebout, PM Piccoli, RJ Walker
Chemical Geology 384, 47-61, 2014
Primary origin of marginal Ni-Cu-(PGE) mineralization in layered intrusions: Δ33S evidence from The Platreef, Bushveld, South Africa
ER Sharman, SC Penniston-Dorland, JA Kinnaird, PAM Nex, M Brown, ...
Economic Geology 108 (2), 365-377, 2013
Diffusion: Obstacles and opportunities in petrochronology
MJ Kohn, SC Penniston-Dorland
Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry 83 (1), 103-152, 2017
A mélange of subduction temperatures: Evidence from Zr-in-rutile thermometry for strengthening of the subduction interface
SC Penniston-Dorland, MJ Kohn, PM Piccoli
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 482, 525-535, 2018
Implications of near-rim compositional zoning in rutile for geothermometry, geospeedometry, and trace element equilibration
MJ Kohn, SC Penniston-Dorland, JCS Ferreira
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 171, 1-15, 2016
Shergottite northwest Africa 6963: A pyroxene‐cumulate Martian gabbro
J Filiberto, J Gross, A Udry, J Trela, A Wittmann, KM Cannon, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 123 (7), 1823-1841, 2018
Chlorine and lithium behavior in metasedimentary rocks during prograde metamorphism: A comparative study of exhumed subduction complexes (Catalina Schist and Schistes Lustrés)
JD Barnes, SC Penniston-Dorland, GE Bebout, W Hoover, GM Beaudoin, ...
Lithos 336, 40-53, 2019
Development of spatial variations in reaction progress during regional metamorphism of micaceous carbonate rocks, northern New England
SC Penniston-Dorland, JM Ferry
American Journal of Science 306 (7), 475-524, 2006
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