Jean-François Arnoldi
Jean-François Arnoldi
Theoretical and Experimental Ecology Station, CNRS
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Resilience, reactivity and variability: A mathematical comparison of ecological stability measures
JF Arnoldi, M Loreau, B Haegeman
Journal of theoretical biology 389, 47-59, 2016
Generic assembly patterns in complex ecological communities
M Barbier, JF Arnoldi, G Bunin, M Loreau
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How ecosystems recover from pulse perturbations: A theory of short-to long-term responses
JF Arnoldi, A Bideault, M Loreau, B Haegeman
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An invariability-area relationship sheds new light on the spatial scaling of ecological stability
S Wang, M Loreau, JF Arnoldi, J Fang, KA Rahman, S Tao, ...
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The inherent multidimensionality of temporal variability: How common and rare species shape stability patterns
JF Arnoldi, M Loreau, B Haegeman
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Resilience, invariability, and ecological stability across levels of organization.
B Haegeman, JF Arnoldi, S Wang, C de Mazancourt, JM Montoya, ...
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The three regimes of spatial recovery
YR Zelnik, JF Arnoldi, M Loreau
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The impact of spatial and temporal dimensions of disturbances on ecosystem stability
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Unifying dynamical and structural stability of equilibria
JF Arnoldi, B Haegeman
Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering …, 2016
Asymptotic spectral gap and Weyl law for Ruelle resonances of open partially expanding maps
JF Arnoldi, F Faure, T Weich
Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems 37 (1), 1-58, 2017
Fractal Weyl law for skew extensions of expanding maps
JF Arnoldi
Nonlinearity 25 (6), 1671, 2012
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AT Clark, JF Arnoldi, YR Zelnik, G Barabas, D Hodapp, C Karakoc
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The cavity method for community ecology
M Barbier, JF Arnoldi
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Universal scaling of robustness of ecosystem services to species loss
SRPJ Ross, JF Arnoldi, M Loreau, CD White, JC Stout, AL Jackson, ...
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Rapid evolution generates synergism between multiple stressors: Linking theory and an evolution experiment
JA Orr, P Luijckx, JF Arnoldi, AL Jackson, JJ Piggott
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Positive plant‐soil feedbacks trigger tannin evolution by niche construction: a spatial stoichiometric model
JF Arnoldi, S Coq, S Kéfi, S Ibanez
Journal of Ecology 108 (1), 378-391, 2020
Can biomass distribution across trophic levels predict trophic cascades?
N Galiana, JF Arnoldi, M Barbier, A Acloque, C de Manzancourt, ...
Ecology Letters 24 (3), 464-476, 2021
Invasions of ecological communities: hints of impacts in the invader’s growth rate
JF Arnoldi, M Barbier, R Kelly, G Barabás, AL Jackson
Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 2021
Scaling up uncertain predictions to higher levels of organisation tends to underestimate change
JA Orr, JJ Piggott, AL Jackson, JF Arnoldi
Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 2021
Particularity of “Universal resilience patterns in complex networks”
JF Arnoldi, B Haegeman, T Revilla, M Loreau
Biorxiv, 056218, 2016
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