Hongki Kang
Hongki Kang
Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Seoul National University
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Gravure-printed electronics: recent progress in tooling development, understanding of printing physics, and realization of printed devices
G Grau, J Cen, H Kang, R Kitsomboonloha, WJ Scheideler, ...
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High‐Performance Printed Transistors Realized Using Femtoliter Gravure‐Printed Sub‐10 μm Metallic Nanoparticle Patterns and Highly Uniform Polymer Dielectric and Semiconductor …
H Kang, R Kitsomboonloha, J Jang, V Subramanian
Advanced Materials, 2012
Transparent High‐Performance Thin Film Transistors from Solution‐Processed SnO2/ZrO2 Gel‐like Precursors
J Jang, R Kitsomboonloha, SL Swisher, ES Park, H Kang, V Subramanian
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Stretchable Bioelectronics for Medical Devices and Systems
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Fully Inkjet‐Printed Transparent Oxide Thin Film Transistors Using a Fugitive Wettability Switch
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Printed Transistors on Paper: Towards Smart Consumer Product Packaging
G Grau, R Kitsomboonloha, SL Swisher, H Kang, V Subramanian
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Methodology for Inkjet Printing of Partially Wetting Films
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P-type CuO and Cu 2 O transistors derived from a sol–gel copper (II) acetate monohydrate precursor
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Hydrostatic optimization of inkjet-printed films
H Kang, D Soltman, V Subramanian
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Analysis of flicker noise in two-dimensional multilayer MoS2 transistors
HJ Kwon, H Kang, J Jang, S Kim, CP Grigoropoulos
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Inkjet-Printed Biofunctional Thermo-Plasmonic Interfaces for Patterned Neuromodulation.
H Kang, GH Lee, H Jung, JW Lee, Y Nam
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Inkjet-Printed Multiwavelength Thermoplasmonic Images for Anticounterfeiting Applications
H Kang, JW Lee, Y Nam
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (7), 6764-6771, 2018
High-Speed Printing of Transistors: From Inks to Devices
V Subramanian, J Cen, A de la Fuente Vornbrock, G Grau, H Kang, ...
Proceedings of the IEEE 103 (4), 567-582, 2015
Megahertz-class printed high mobility organic thin-film transistors and inverters on plastic using attoliter-scale high-speed gravure-printed sub-5μm gate electrodes
H Kang, R Kitsomboonloha, K Ulmer, L Stecker, G Grau, J Jang, ...
Organic Electronics 15 (12), 3639-3647, 2014
Analytical threshold voltage model for double-gate MOSFETs with localized charges
H Kang, JW Han, YK Choi
Electron Device Letters, IEEE 29 (8), 927-930, 2008
Electrical Characteristics of Multilayer MoS2 Transistors at Real Operating Temperatures and Different Ambient Conditions
HJ Kwon, J Jang, H Kang, S Kim, V Subramanian, CP Grigoropoulos
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High Performance Ultrathin SnO2Thin-Film Transistors by Sol–Gel Method
B Jang, T Kim, S Lee, W Lee, H Kang, CS Cho, J Jang
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Thermoplasmonic Optical Fiber for Localized Neural Stimulation
H Kang, W Hong, Y An, S Yoo, HJ Kwon, Y Nam
ACS nano 14 (9), 11406-11419, 2020
Measurement, analysis, and modeling of 1/f noise in pentacene thin film transistors
H Kang, L Jagannathan, V Subramanian
Applied Physics Letters 99 (6), 2011
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