Ebong Dickson Ebong (Ph.D)
Ebong Dickson Ebong (Ph.D)
Applied Geophysics Programme, University of Calabar
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Estimation of geohydraulic parameters from fractured shales and sandstone aquifers of Abi (Nigeria) using electrical resistivity and hydrogeologic measurements
ED Ebong, AE Akpan, AA Onwuegbuche
Journal of African Earth Sciences 96, 99-109, 2014
Groundwater quality assessment using geoelectrical and geochemical approaches: case study of Abi area, southeastern Nigeria
ED Ebong, AE Akpan, CN Emeka, JG Urang
Applied Water Science 7 (5), 2463-2478, 2017
Enhancement and modelling of aeromagnetic data of some inland basins, southeastern Nigeria
SE Ekwok, AE Akpan, ED Ebong
Journal of African Earth Sciences 155, 43-53, 2019
Geophysical and geological studies of the spread and industrial quality of Okurike Barite deposit.
AE Akpan, ED Ebong, SE Ekwok, S Joseph
American Journal of Environmental Sciences 10 (6), 566-574, 2014
Assessment of groundwater potential using geophysical data: a case study in parts of Cross River State, south-eastern Nigeria
SE Ekwok, AE Akpan, EA Kudamnya, ED Ebong
Applied Water Science 10 (6), 1-17, 2020
Assessment of the state of soils, shallow sediments and groundwater salinity in Abi, Cross River State, Nigeria
AE Akpan, ED Ebong, SE Ekwok
Environmental Earth Sciences 73 (12), 8547-8563, 2015
Exploratory assessment of groundwater vulnerability to pollution in Abi, southeastern Nigeria, using geophysical and geological techniques
AE Akpan, ED Ebong, CN Emeka
Environmental monitoring and assessment 187 (4), 1-18, 2015
3D structural modelling and fluid identification in parts of Niger Delta Basin, southern Nigeria
ED Ebong, AE Akpan, JG Urang
Journal of African Earth Sciences 158, 103565, 2019
Stochastic modelling of spatial variability of petrophysical properties in parts of the Niger Delta Basin, southern Nigeria
ED Ebong, AE Akpan, SE Ekwok
Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology 10 (2), 569-585, 2020
A new approach for porosity and permeability prediction from well logs using artificial neural network and curve fitting techniques: A case study of Niger Delta, Nigeria
JG Urang, ED Ebong, AE Akpan, EI Akaerue
Journal of Applied Geophysics 183, 104207, 2020
Seasonal reversals in groundwater flow direction and its role in the recurrent Agwagune landslide problem: a geophysical and geological appraisal
AE Akpan, SE Ekwok, ED Ebong
Environmental Earth Sciences 75 (5), 429, 2016
Assessment of radionuclide distribution and associated radiological hazards for soils and beach sediments of Akwa Ibom Coastline, southern Nigeria
AE Akpan, ED Ebong, SE Ekwok, JO Eyo
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 13 (15), 1-12, 2020
Coupled geophysical characterization of shallow fluvio-clastic sediments in Agwagune, southeastern Nigeria
AE Akpan, SE Ekwok, ED Ebong, AM George, EE Okwueze
Journal of African Earth Sciences 143, 67-78, 2018
Critical study of ground water potential of part of Obubra Local Government Area, Cross River State, Nigeria
AO Egor, JE Osang, C Emeruwa, DE Ebong, UI Uquetan, AM Bawan
Intergrated geophysical studies over parts of Central Cross River State for the determination of groundwater potential and foundation properties of rocks
VI Obianwu, AO Egor, AA Okiwelu, ED Ebong
Assessment of crustal structures by gravity and magnetic methods in the Calabar Flank and adjoining areas of Southeastern Nigeria—a case study
SE Ekwok, AE Akpan, ED Ebong
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 14 (4), 1-10, 2021
Assessment of depth to magnetic sources using high resolution aeromagnetic data of some parts of the Lower Benue Trough and adjoining areas, Southeast Nigeria
SE Ekwok, AE Akpan, ED Ebong, OE Eze
Advances in Space Research, 2021
Assessment of groundwater potential in Ehime Mbano, southeastern Nigeria
DN Ndubueze, MU Igboekwe, ED Ebong
Journal of Geosciences 7 (3), 134-144, 2019
3-D reservoir characterization and hydrocarbon volumetric estimation of parts of Niger Delta Basin-Nigeria
ED Ebong, AE Akpan, SE Ekwok, EO Esu, LA Ebong
Journal of African Earth Sciences 180, 104207, 2021
Geoelectrical Resistivity and Geological Characterization of Hydrostructures for Groundwater Resource Appraisal in the Obudu Plateau, Southeastern Nigeria
ED Ebong, AA Abong, EB Ulem, LA Ebong
Natural Resources Research 30 (3), 2103-2117, 2021
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