Xavier Carreras
Xavier Carreras
Research Scientist, dMetrics
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Introduction to the CoNLL-2005 Shared Task: Semantic Role Labeling
X Carreras, L Marquez
Proceedings of the 9th Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning …, 2005
Boosting trees for anti-spam email filtering
X Carreras, L Marquez
arXiv preprint cs/0109015, 2001
Simple semi-supervised dependency parsing
T Koo, X Carreras, M Collins
Proceedings of ACL-08: HLT, 595-603, 2008
FreeLing: An Open-Source Suite of Language Analyzers.
X Carreras, I Chao, L Padró, M Padró
LREC, 239-242, 2004
Experiments with a higher-order projective dependency parser
X Carreras
Proceedings of the 2007 Joint Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural …, 2007
Named entity extraction using adaboost
X Carreras, L Màrquez, L Padró
COLING-02: The 6th Conference on Natural Language Learning 2002 (CoNLL-2002), 2002
Semantic role labeling: an introduction to the special issue
L Màrquez, X Carreras, KC Litkowski, S Stevenson
Computational linguistics 34 (2), 145-159, 2008
Exponentiated gradient algorithms for conditional random fields and max-margin markov networks
M Collins, A Globerson, T Koo, X Carreras, PL Bartlett
Journal of Machine Learning Research 9 (Aug), 1775-1822, 2008
An efficient projection for l1, regularization
A Quattoni, X Carreras, M Collins, T Darrell
Proceedings of the 26th Annual International Conference on Machine Learning …, 2009
TAG, dynamic programming, and the perceptron for efficient, feature-rich parsing
X Carreras, M Collins, T Koo
CoNLL 2008: Proceedings of the Twelfth Conference on Computational Natural …, 2008
A simple named entity extractor using AdaBoost
X Carreras, L Màrquez, L Padró
Proceedings of the seventh conference on Natural language learning at HLT …, 2003
Structured prediction models via the matrix-tree theorem
T Koo, A Globerson, X Carreras, M Collins
Proceedings of the 2007 Joint Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural …, 2007
An empirical study of semi-supervised structured conditional models for dependency parsing
J Suzuki, H Isozaki, X Carreras Pérez, M Collins
Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing 2009, 551-560, 2009
Combination strategies for semantic role labeling
M Surdeanu, L Màrquez, X Carreras, PR Comas
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research 29, 105-151, 2007
Boosting trees for clause splitting
X Carreras, L Màrquez
Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Workshop on Computational Natural Language …, 2001
Phrase recognition by filtering and ranking with perceptrons
X Carreras, L Marquez
Recent advances in natural language processing III: selected papers from …, 2004
Spectral learning of weighted automata
B Balle, X Carreras, FM Luque, A Quattoni
Machine learning 96 (1-2), 33-63, 2014
Exponentiated gradient algorithms for log-linear structured prediction
A Globerson, TY Koo, X Carreras, M Collins
Proceedings of the 24th international conference on Machine learning, 305-312, 2007
Filtering-ranking perceptron learning for partial parsing
X Carreras, L Màrquez, J Castro
Machine Learning 60 (1-3), 41-71, 2005
A spectral learning algorithm for finite state transducers
B Balle, A Quattoni, X Carreras
Joint European Conference on Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in …, 2011
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