Mark D Poliks
Mark D Poliks
SUNY Distinguished Professor, State University of New York at Binghamton
Потвърден имейл адрес: binghamton.edu
Flexible hybrid electronics: Direct interfacing of soft and hard electronics for wearable health monitoring
Y Khan, M Garg, Q Gui, M Schadt, A Gaikwad, D Han, NAD Yamamoto, ...
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Reworkable epoxies: thermosets with thermally cleavable groups for controlled network breakdown
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Multi-layered interconnect structure using liquid crystalline polymer dielectric
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Tamper-responding encapsulated enclosure having flexible protective mesh structure
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Controlled degradation of epoxy networks: analysis of crosslink density and glass transition temperature changes in thermally reworkable thermosets
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Characterization of thermally reworkable thermosets: materials for environmentally friendly processing and reuse
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Conformation of microtubule-bound paclitaxel determined by fluorescence spectroscopy and REDOR NMR
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Dielectric composition and solder interconnection structure for its use
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Computational fluid dynamics modeling and online monitoring of aerosol jet printing process
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High-resolution carbon-13 and nitrogen-15 NMR investigations of the mechanism of the curing reactions of cyanate-based polymer resins in solution and the solid state
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Low CTE power and ground planes
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Method and structure for producing Z-axis interconnection assembly of printed wiring board elements
BE Curcio, DS Farquhar, KI Papathomas, MD Poliks
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Flexible chemiresistor sensors: Thin film assemblies of nanoparticles on a polyethylene terephthalate substrate
L Wang, J Luo, J Yin, H Zhang, J Wu, X Shi, E Crew, Z Xu, Q Rendeng, ...
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Method for filling high aspect ratio via holes in electronic substrates and the resulting holes
BE Curcio, PA Gruber, F Maurer, KI Papathomas, MD Poliks
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NMR investigation of chain deformation in sheared polymer fluids
AI Nakatani, MD Poliks, ET Samulski
Macromolecules 23 (10), 2686-2692, 1990
Electronic package utilizing protective coating
RD Havens, RM Japp, JA Knight, MD Poliks, AM Quinn
US Patent 6,351,030, 2002
Online monitoring of functional electrical properties in aerosol jet printing additive manufacturing process using shape-from-shading image analysis
R Salary, JP Lombardi, PK Rao, MD Poliks
Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering 139 (10), 101010, 2017
Conductive metal micro-pillars for enhanced electrical interconnection
RN Das, KI Papathomas, MD Poliks, VR Markovich
US Patent App. 13/082,502, 2012
Heart monitor using flexible capacitive ECG electrodes
Y Gao, VV Soman, JP Lombardi, PP Rajbhandari, TP Dhakal, DG Wilson, ...
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement 69 (7), 4314-4323, 2019
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