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Grace Chou
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Structure-based carbon nanotube sorting by sequence-dependent DNA assembly
M Zheng, A Jagota, MS Strano, AP Santos, P Barone, SG Chou, BA Diner, ...
Science 302 (5650), 1545-1548, 2003
Chirality dependence of exciton effects in single-wall carbon nanotubes: Tight-binding model
J Jiang, R Saito, GG Samsonidze, A Jorio, SG Chou, G Dresselhaus, ...
Physical Review B 75 (3), 035407, 2007
Family behavior of the optical transition energies in single-wall carbon nanotubes of smaller diameters
GG Samsonidze, R Saito, N Kobayashi, A Grüneis, J Jiang, A Jorio, ...
Applied physics letters 85 (23), 5703-5705, 2004
Synthesis and characterization of long strands of nitrogen-doped single-walled carbon nanotubes
F Villalpando-Paez, A Zamudio, AL Elias, H Son, EB Barros, SG Chou, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 424 (4-6), 345-352, 2006
Electron-phonon matrix elements in single-wall carbon nanotubes
J Jiang, R Saito, GG Samsonidze, SG Chou, A Jorio, G Dresselhaus, ...
Physical Review B 72 (23), 235408, 2005
Phonon-assisted excitonic recombination channels observed in DNA-wrapped carbon nanotubes using photoluminescence spectroscopy
SG Chou, F Plentz, J Jiang, R Saito, D Nezich, HB Ribeiro, A Jorio, ...
Physical review letters 94 (12), 127402-1-127402-4, 2005
Potential dependent surface Raman spectroscopy of single wall carbon nanotube films on platinum electrodes
P Corio, PS Santos, VW Brar, GG Samsonidze, SG Chou, ...
Chemical physics letters 370 (5-6), 675-682, 2003
Stokes and anti-Stokes Raman spectra of small-diameter isolated carbon nanotubes
AG Souza Filho, SG Chou, GG Samsonidze, G Dresselhaus, ...
Physical Review B 69 (11), 115428, 2004
Optical characterization of DNA-wrapped carbon nanotube hybrids
SG Chou, HB Ribeiro, EB Barros, AP Santos, D Nezich, GG Samsonidze, ...
Chemical physics letters 397 (4-6), 296-301, 2004
Intensity of the resonance Raman excitation spectra of single-wall carbon nanotubes
J Jiang, R Saito, A Grüneis, SG Chou, GG Samsonidze, A Jorio, ...
Physical Review B 71 (20), 205420, 2005
Quantitative evaluation of the octadecylamine-assisted bulk separation of semiconducting and metallic single-wall carbon nanotubes by resonance Raman spectroscopy
GG Samsonidze, SG Chou, AP Santos, VW Brar, G Dresselhaus, ...
Applied physics letters 85 (6), 1006-1008, 2004
Electrochemical gating of individual single-wall carbon nanotubes observed by electron transport measurements and resonant Raman spectroscopy
SB Cronin, R Barnett, M Tinkham, SG Chou, O Rabin, MS Dresselhaus, ...
Applied Physics Letters 84 (12), 2052-2054, 2004
Nanotube Coalescence‐Inducing Mode: A Novel Vibrational Mode in Carbon Systems
M Endo, YA Kim, T Hayashi, H Muramatsu, M Terrones, R Saito, ...
Small 2 (8‐9), 1031-1036, 2006
Photoexcited electron relaxation processes in single-wall carbon nanotubes
J Jiang, R Saito, A Grüneis, SG Chou, GG Samsonidze, A Jorio, ...
Physical Review B 71 (4), 045417, 2005
Identification of the constituents of double-walled carbon nanotubes using Raman spectra taken with different laser-excitation energies
F Li, SG Chou, W Ren, JA Gardecki, AK Swan, MS Ünlü, BB Goldberg, ...
Journal of materials research 18 (5), 1251-1258, 2003
Length characterization of DNA-wrapped carbon nanotubes using Raman spectroscopy
SG Chou, H Son, J Kong, A Jorio, R Saito, M Zheng, G Dresselhaus, ...
Applied physics letters 90 (13), 2007
Environment effects on the Raman spectra of individual single-wall carbon nanotubes: Suspended and grown on polycrystalline silicon
H Son, Y Hori, SG Chou, D Nezich, GG Samsonidze, G Dresselhaus, ...
Applied physics letters 85 (20), 4744-4746, 2004
Phonon-assisted exciton relaxation dynamics for a (6, 5)-enriched DNA-wrapped single-walled carbon nanotube sample
SG Chou, MF DeCamp, J Jiang, GG Samsonidze, EB Barros, F Plentz, ...
Physical Review B 72 (19), 195415, 2005
Pronounced microheterogeneity in a sorbitol–water mixture observed through variable temperature neutron scattering
SG Chou, AK Soper, S Khodadadi, JE Curtis, S Krueger, MT Cicerone, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 116 (15), 4439-4447, 2012
The study of amorphous phase separation in a model polymer phase-separating system using Raman microscopy and a low-temperature stage: effect of cooling rate and nucleation …
AM Padilla, SG Chou, S Luthra, MJ Pikal
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 100 (4), 1362-1376, 2011
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