Ali Polat
Ali Polat
Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Windsor
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Boninite-like volcanic rocks in the 3.7–3.8 Ga Isua greenstone belt, West Greenland: geochemical evidence for intra-oceanic subduction zone processes in the early Earth
A Polat, AW Hofmann, MT Rosing
Chemical geology 184 (3-4), 231-254, 2002
Alteration and geochemical patterns in the 3.7–3.8 Ga Isua greenstone belt, West Greenland
A Polat, AW Hofmann
Precambrian Research 126 (3-4), 197-218, 2003
Recognition of ocean plate stratigraphy in accretionary orogens through Earth history: A record of 3.8 billion years of sea floor spreading, subduction, and accretion
TM Kusky, BF Windley, I Safonova, K Wakita, J Wakabayashi, A Polat, ...
Gondwana Research 24 (2), 501-547, 2013
Insights into the tectonic evolution of the North China Craton through comparative tectonic analysis: A record of outward growth of Precambrian continents
TM Kusky, A Polat, BF Windley, KC Burke, JF Dewey, WSF Kidd, ...
Earth-Science Reviews 162, 387-432, 2016
Geochemistry of Neoarchean (ca. 2.55–2.50 Ga) volcanic and ophiolitic rocks in the Wutaishan greenstone belt, central orogenic belt, North China craton: implications for …
A Polat, T Kusky, J Li, B Fryer, R Kerrich, K Patrick
Geological Society of America Bulletin 117 (11-12), 1387-1399, 2005
Growth of granite–greenstone terranes at convergent margins, and stabilization of Archean cratons
TM Kusky, A Polat
Tectonophysics 305 (1-3), 43-73, 1999
Magnesian andesites, Nb-enriched basalt-andesites, and adakites from late-Archean 2.7 Ga Wawa greenstone belts, Superior Province, Canada: implications for late Archean …
A Polat, R Kerrich
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 141 (1), 36-52, 2001
Assembly of Archean cratonic mantle lithosphere and crust: plume–arc interaction in the Abitibi–Wawa subduction–accretion complex
DA Wyman, R Kerrich, A Polat
Precambrian Research 115 (1-4), 37-62, 2002
Rapid forearc spreading between 130 and 120 Ma: Evidence from geochronology and geochemistry of the Xigaze ophiolite, southern Tibet
J Dai, C Wang, A Polat, M Santosh, Y Li, Y Ge
Lithos 172, 1-16, 2013
Geochemical diversity in oceanic komatiites and basalts from the late Archean Wawa greenstone belts, Superior Province, Canada: trace element and Nd isotope evidence for a …
A Polat, R Kerrich, DA Wyman
Precambrian Research 94 (3-4), 139-173, 1999
Trace element systematics of Mg-, to Fe-tholeiitic basalt suites of the Superior Province: implications for Archean mantle reservoirs and greenstone belt genesis
R Kerrich, A Polat, D Wyman, P Hollings
Lithos 46 (1), 163-187, 1999
The late Archean Schreiber–Hemlo and White River–Dayohessarah greenstone belts, Superior Province: collages of oceanic plateaus, oceanic arcs, and subduction–accretion complexes
A Polat, R Kerrich, DA Wyman
Tectonophysics 289 (4), 295-326, 1998
Geochemical characteristics of the Neoarchean (2800–2700 Ma) Taishan greenstone belt, North China Craton: evidence for plume–craton interaction
A Polat, J Li, B Fryer, T Kusky, J Gagnon, S Zhang
Chemical Geology 230 (1-2), 60-87, 2006
Source heterogeneity for the major components of∼ 3.7 Ga Banded Iron Formations (Isua Greenstone Belt, Western Greenland): Tracing the nature of interacting water masses in …
R Frei, A Polat
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 253 (1-2), 266-281, 2007
Geochemical and petrological evidence for a suprasubduction zone origin of Neoarchean (ca. 2.5 Ga) peridotites, central orogenic belt, North China craton
A Polat, C Herzberg, C Münker, R Rodgers, T Kusky, J Li, B Fryer, ...
Geological Society of America Bulletin 118 (7-8), 771-784, 2006
An overview of the geochemistry of Eoarchean to Mesoarchean ultramafic to mafic volcanic rocks, SW Greenland: implications for mantle depletion and petrogenetic processes at …
A Polat, PWU Appel, BJ Fryer
Gondwana Research 20 (2-3), 255-283, 2011
Onset of plate tectonics by the Eoarchean
BF Windley, T Kusky, A Polat
Precambrian Research 352, 105980, 2021
Archean greenstone belt magmatism and the continental growth–mantle evolution connection: constraints from Th–U–Nb–LREE systematics of the 2.7 Ga Wawa subprovince, Superior …
A Polat, R Kerrich
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 175 (1-2), 41-54, 2000
Partial melting of deeply subducted eclogite from the Sulu orogen in China
L Wang, TM Kusky, A Polat, S Wang, X Jiang, K Zong, J Wang, H Deng, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 5604, 2014
Archean greenstone-tonalite duality: Thermochemical mantle convection models or plate tectonics in the early Earth global dynamics?
R Kerrich, A Polat
Tectonophysics 415 (1-4), 141-165, 2006
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