Neil B. Metcalfe
Neil B. Metcalfe
Professor of Behavioural Ecology, SBOHVM, University of Glasgow
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Compensation for a bad start: grow now, pay later?
NB Metcalfe, P Monaghan
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Developmental plasticity and human health
P Bateson, D Barker, T Clutton-Brock, D Deb, B D'Udine, RA Foley, ...
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Carotenoid modulation of immune function and sexual attractiveness in zebra finches
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Telomere length in early life predicts lifespan
BJ Heidinger, JD Blount, W Boner, K Griffiths, NB Metcalfe, P Monaghan
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Large–scale geographical variation confirms that climate change causes birds to lay earlier
C Both, AV Artemyev, B Blaauw, RJ Cowie, AJ Dekhuijzen, T Eeva, ...
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Oxidative stress as a life‐history constraint: the role of reactive oxygen species in shaping phenotypes from conception to death
NB Metcalfe, C Alonso‐Alvarez
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Growth versus lifespan: perspectives from evolutionary ecology
NB Metcalfe, P Monaghan
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Temperature-dependent switch between diurnal and nocturnal foraging in salmon
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Growth compensation in juvenile Atlantic salmon: responses to depressed temperature and food availability
AG Nicieza, NB Metcalfe
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Environmental stressors alter relationships between physiology and behaviour
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Food availability and the nocturnal vs. diurnal foraging trade‐off in juvenile salmon
NB Metcalfe, NHC Fraser, MD Burns
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Intraspecific variation in competitive ability and food intake in salmonids: consequences for energy budgets and growth rates
NB Metcalfe
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Early social status and the development of life-history strategies in Atlantic salmon
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Can environmental conditions experienced in early life influence future generations?
T Burton, NB Metcalfe
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Social dominance and body size in Atlantic salmon parr, Salmo solar L.
FA Huntingford, NB Metcalfe, JE Thorpe, WD Graham, CE Adams
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