Guo-Liang Wang
Guo-Liang Wang
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A receptor kinase-like protein encoded by the rice disease resistance gene, Xa21
WY Song, GL Wang, LL Chen, HS Kim, LY Pi, T Holsten, J Gardner, ...
science 270 (5243), 1804-1806, 1995
RFLP mapping of genes conferring complete and partial resistance to blast in a durably resistant rice cultivar.
GL Wang, DJ Mackill, JM Bonman, SR McCouch, MC Champoux, ...
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R gene expression induced by a type-III effector triggers disease resistance in rice
K Gu, B Yang, D Tian, L Wu, D Wang, C Sreekala, F Yang, Z Chu, ...
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The broad-spectrum blast resistance gene Pi9 encodes a nucleotide-binding site–leucine-rich repeat protein and is a member of a multigene family in rice
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Locating genes associated with root morphology and drought avoidance in rice via linkage to molecular markers
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The eight amino-acid differences within three leucine-rich repeats between Pi2 and Piz-t resistance proteins determine the resistance specificity to Magnaporthe grisea
B Zhou, S Qu, G Liu, M Dolan, H Sakai, G Lu, M Bellizzi, GL Wang
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Metaphase and interphase fluorescence in situ hybridization mapping of the rice genome with bacterial artificial chromosomes
J Jiang, BS Gill, GL Wang, PC Ronald, DC Ward
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 92 (10), 4487-4491, 1995
Spotted leaf11, a negative regulator of plant cell death and defense, encodes a U-box/armadillo repeat protein endowed with E3 ubiquitin ligase activity
LR Zeng, S Qu, A Bordeos, C Yang, M Baraoidan, H Yan, Q Xie, ...
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Chemical-and irradiation-induced mutants of indica rice IR64 for forward and reverse genetics
JL Wu, C Wu, C Lei, M Baraoidan, A Bordeos, MRS Madamba, ...
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Evolution of the rice Xa21 disease resistance gene family.
WY Song, LY Pi, GL Wang, J Gardner, T Holsten, PC Ronald
The Plant Cell 9 (8), 1279-1287, 1997
Xa21D encodes a receptor-like molecule with a leucine-rich repeat domain that determines race-specific recognition and is subject to adaptive evolution
GL Wang, DL Ruan, WY Song, S Sideris, LL Chen, LY Pi, S Zhang, ...
The Plant Cell 10 (5), 765-779, 1998
The Magnaporthe oryzae effector AvrPiz-t targets the RING E3 Ubiquitin Ligase APIP6 to suppress pathogen-associated molecular pattern–triggered immunity in rice
CH Park, S Chen, G Shirsekar, B Zhou, CH Khang, P Songkumarn, ...
The Plant Cell 24 (11), 4748-4762, 2012
The cloned gene, Xa21, confers resistance to multiple Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae isolates in transgenic plants.
GL Wang, WY Song, DL Ruan, S Sideris, PC Ronald
Molecular plant-microbe interactions: MPMI 9 (9), 850-855, 1996
A highly efficient transient protoplast system for analyzing defence gene expression and protein–protein interactions in rice
S Chen, L Tao, L Zeng, ME VEGA‐SANCHEZ, K Umemura, GUOL WANG
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A versatile zero background T-vector system for gene cloning and functional genomics
S Chen, P Songkumarn, J Liu, GL Wang
Plant physiology 150 (3), 1111-1121, 2009
Plant MPSS databases: signature-based transcriptional resources for analyses of mRNA and small RNA
M Nakano, K Nobuta, K Vemaraju, SS Tej, JW Skogen, BC Meyers
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Two broad-spectrum blast resistance genes, Pi9(t) and Pi2(t), are physically linked on rice chromosome 6
G Liu, G Lu, L Zeng, GL Wang
Molecular Genetics and Genomics 267 (4), 472-480, 2002
An expression atlas of rice mRNAs and small RNAs
K Nobuta, RC Venu, C Lu, A Beló, K Vemaraju, K Kulkarni, W Wang, ...
Nature biotechnology 25 (4), 473-477, 2007
Construction of a rice bacterial artificial chromosome library and identification of clones linked to the Xa‐21 disease resistance locus
GL Wang, TE Holsten, WY Song, HP Wang, PC Ronald
The Plant Journal 7 (3), 525-533, 1995
Construction of a rice bacterial artificial chromosome library and identification of clones linked to the Xa‐21 disease resistance locus
GL Wang, TE Holsten, WY Song, HP Wang, PC Ronald
The Plant Journal 7 (3), 525-533, 1995
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