Kristin Poinar
Kristin Poinar
University at Buffalo
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Limits to future expansion of surface‐melt‐enhanced ice flow into the interior of western Greenland
K Poinar, I Joughin, SB Das, MD Behn, JTM Lenaerts, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 42 (6), 1800-1807, 2015
Drainage of Southeast Greenland firn aquifer water through crevasses to the bed
K Poinar, I Joughin, D Lilien, L Brucker, L Kehrl, S Nowicki
Frontiers in Earth Science 5 (5), 2017, 2017
Basal resistance for three of the largest Greenland outlet glaciers
DR Shapero, IR Joughin, K Poinar, M Morlighem, F Gillet‐Chaulet
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 121 (1), 168-180, 2016
Basal channels drive active surface hydrology and transverse ice shelf fracture
CF Dow, WS Lee, JS Greenbaum, CA Greene, DD Blankenship, K Poinar, ...
Science Advances 4 (6), eaao7212, 2018
Long‐term support of an active subglacial hydrologic system in Southeast Greenland by firn aquifers
K Poinar, CF Dow, LC Andrews
Geophysical Research Letters 46 (9), 4772-4781, 2019
Englacial latent-heat transfer has limited influence on seaward ice flux in western Greenland
K Poinar, I Joughin, JTM Lenaerts, MR Van Den Broeke
Journal of Glaciology 63 (237), 1-16, 2016
Challenges in predicting Greenland supraglacial lake drainages at the regional scale
K Poinar, LC Andrews
The Cryosphere 15, 1455–1483, 2021
Screening surface contamination with BetaCage
RW Schnee, Z Ahmed, SR Golwala, DR Grant, K Poinar
AIP Conference Proceedings 897 (1), 20-25, 2007
Controls on Greenland moulin geometry and evolution from the Moulin Shape model
LC Andrews, K Poinar, C Trunz
The Cryosphere 16 (6), 2421-2448, 2022
The influence of meltwater on the thermal structure and flow of the Greenland Ice Sheet
K Poinar
University of Washington, 2015
The carbon cycle in the mantle
K Poinar
Implications for timescales, geochemistry, and mantle convection. PCC 588, 1-11, 2012
GHub: Building a glaciology gateway to unify a community
JM Sperhac, K Poinar, R Jones‐Ivey, J Briner, B Csatho, S Nowicki, ...
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience 33 (19), e6130, 2021
Greenland ice sheet
TA Moon, M Tedesco, JE Box, J Cappelen, RS Fausto, X Fettweis, ...
Temperate ice under Jakobshavn Isbrae and other Greenland glaciers
K Poinar, IR Joughin
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2010, C23B-0606, 2010
Modeling the influence of moulin shape on subglacial hydrology
C Trunz, MD Covington, K Poinar, LC Andrews, J Mejia, J Gulley
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 127 (8), e2022JF006674, 2022
Combined Modeled and Explored Moulin Shape Informs Subglacial Pressure Dynamics in Western Greenland
C Trunz, K Poinar, LC Andrews, MD Covington, JZ Mejia, J Gulley, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2020, C066-05, 2020
Does ice exist at the Lunar South Pole?
K Poinar
Formation of Snow & Ice Masses Term Project Professor Steve Warren, 2009
In situ 10Be modeling and terrain analysis constrain subglacial quarrying and abrasion at Jakobshavn Isbræ, Greenland
BL Graham, JP Briner, NE Young, A Balter-Kennedy, M Koppes, ...
EGUsphere 2023, 1-25, 2023
Ghub: A new community-driven data-model resource for ice-sheet scientists
S Goliber, J Briner, S Nowicki, B Csatho, R Jones-Ivey, W Lipscomb, ...
EGU23, 2023
Firn aquifer water discharges into crevasses across Southeast Greenland
E Cicero, K Poinar, R Jones-Ivey, AA Petty, JM Sperhac, A Patra, ...
Journal of Glaciology, 1-14, 2023
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