Katherine Clayton
Katherine Clayton
PhD Student, Stanford University
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Real solutions for fake news? Measuring the effectiveness of general warnings and fact-check tags in reducing belief in false stories on social media
K Clayton, S Blair, JA Busam, S Forstner, J Glance, G Green, A Kawata, ...
Political behavior 42, 1073-1095, 2020
Who will defend democracy? Evaluating tradeoffs in candidate support among partisan donors and voters
J Carey, K Clayton, G Helmke, B Nyhan, M Sanders, S Stokes
Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties 32 (1), 230-245, 2022
Elite rhetoric can undermine democratic norms
K Clayton, NT Davis, B Nyhan, E Porter, TJ Ryan, TJ Wood
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (23), e2024125118, 2021
Exposure to immigration and admission preferences: Evidence from France
K Clayton, J Ferwerda, Y Horiuchi
Political Behavior 43 (1), 175-200, 2021
Partisan motivated reasoning and misinformation in the media: Is news from ideologically uncongenial sources more suspicious?
K Clayton, J Davis, K Hinckley, Y Horiuchi
Japanese Journal of Political Science 20 (3), 129-142, 2019
Who wants to hire a more diverse faculty? A conjoint analysis of faculty and student preferences for gender and racial/ethnic diversity
JM Carey, KR Carman, KP Clayton, Y Horiuchi, M Htun, B Ortiz
Politics, Groups, and Identities, 2018
Megastudy identifying effective interventions to strengthen Americans’ democratic attitudes
JG Voelkel, M Stagnaro, J Chu, S Pink, J Mernyk, C Redekopp, I Ghezae, ...
OSF Preprints, 2023
Correcting Measurement Error Bias in Conjoint Survey Experiments
K Clayton, Y Horiuchi, AR Kaufman, G King, M Komisarchik, D Ebanks, ...
American Journal of Political Science 12 (B2), 1-11, 2023
Endorsements from Republican politicians can increase confidence in US elections
K Clayton, R Willer
Research & Politics 10 (1), 20531680221148967, 2023
Campus diversity: The hidden consensus
JM Carey, K Clayton, Y Horiuchi
Cambridge University Press, 2019
Evaluating the effects of vaccine messaging on immunization intentions and behavior: Evidence from two randomized controlled trials in Vermont
K Clayton, C Finley, DJ Flynn, M Graves, B Nyhan
Vaccine 39 (40), 5909-5917, 2021
Do Identity Frames Impact Support for Multiracial Candidates? The Case of Kamala Harris
K Clayton, C Crabtree, Y Horiuchi
Journal of Experimental Political Science, 2020
The Validity of the IAT and the AMP as Measures of Racial Prejudice
K Clayton, J Horrillo, PM Sniderman
Available at SSRN 3744338, 2020
The stability of not-in-my-backyard attitudes toward refugees: evidence from the Ukrainian refugee crisis
K Clayton, J Ferwerda, Y Horiuchi
Available at SSRN 4126536, 2022
The Public’s Response to Democratic Backsliding
C Clayton
Working Paper. Available at: https://www. sas. rochester. edu …, 2022
Avoiding Measurement Error Bias in Conjoint Analysis
K Clayton, Y Horiuchi, A Kaufman, M Komisarchik, G King
OSF, 2021
Does Intraparty Conflict Impact Partisan Attitudes? The Case of Voter Fraud in the 2020 Election
K Clayton
The Case of Voter Fraud in the, 2020
Are University Communities Deeply Divided over the Value of Diversity on Campus? Understanding Students’ Preferences via Conjoint Analysis
M Brown, JM Carey, K Clayton, Y Horiuchi, L Martin
Understanding Students’ Preferences via Conjoint Analysis (March 10, 2017), 2017
Can the threat of democratic collapse engage people with democracy?
K Clayton
OSF, 2024
Can educating people about democratic backsliding increase their resistance to it?
K Clayton
OSF, 2023
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