Suvranu De
Suvranu De
Dean of the College of Engineering, Florida A&M University - Florida Sate University
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Haptics in minimally invasive surgical simulation and training
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Multiscale modeling meets machine learning: What can we learn?
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Common uses and cited complications of energy in surgery
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Mechanical stabilities of silicene
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A theoretical analysis of the effect of the hydrogenation of graphene to graphane on its mechanical properties
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Shockwave generates< 100> dislocation loops in bcc iron
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In situ measurement and modeling of biomechanical response of human cadaveric soft tissues for physics-based surgical simulation
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Thermal injury of skin and subcutaneous tissues: A review of experimental approaches and numerical models
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Predictive modeling of lung motion over the entire respiratory cycle using measured pressure‐volume data, 4DCT images, and finite‐element analysis
J Eom, XG Xu, S De, C Shi
Medical physics 37 (8), 4389-4400, 2010
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