Christian Bergaud
Christian Bergaud
CNRS Researcher, LAAS, University of Toulouse, France
Потвърден имейл адрес: laas.fr
High‐spatial‐resolution surface‐temperature mapping using fluorescent thermometry
P Löw, B Kim, N Takama, C Bergaud
Small 4 (7), 908-914, 2008
A novel approach for fluorescent thermometry and thermal imaging purposes using spin crossover nanoparticles
L Salmon, G Molnár, D Zitouni, C Quintero, C Bergaud, JC Micheau, ...
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A review on mechanical considerations for chronically-implanted neural probes
A Lecomte, E Descamps, C Bergaud
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Parylene-based flexible neural probes with PEDOT coated surface for brain stimulation and recording
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Scanning thermal imaging by near-field fluorescence spectroscopy
E Saïdi, B Samson, L Aigouy, S Volz, P Löw, C Bergaud, M Mortier
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Morphology and conductivity of PEDOT layers produced by different electrochemical routes
V Castagnola, C Bayon, E Descamps, C Bergaud
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Viscosity measurements based on experimental investigations of composite cantilever beam eigenfrequencies in viscous media
C Bergaud, L Nicu
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Fabrication of biological microarrays using microcantilevers
P Belaubre, M Guirardel, G Garcia, JB Pourciel, V Leberre, ...
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Silk and PEG as means to stiffen a parylene probe for insertion in the brain: toward a double time-scale tool for local drug delivery
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Identification of EOR defects due to the regrowth of amorphous layers created by ion bombardment
B De Mauduit, L Laânab, C Bergaud, MM Faye, A Martinez, A Claverie
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In vitro and in vivo biostability assessment of chronically-implanted Parylene C neural sensors
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Piezoelectric properties of PZT films for microcantilever
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Temperature distribution measurement on microfabricated thermodevice for single biomolecular observation using fluorescent dye
HF Arata, P Löw, K Ishizuka, C Bergaud, B Kim, H Noji, H Fujita
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 117 (2), 339-345, 2006
On the relation between dopant anomalous diffusion in Si and end-of-range defects
A Claverie, L Laânab, C Bonafos, C Bergaud, A Martinez, D Mathiot
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Twin-probe vibroscanning method for dimensional measurement of microholes
T Masuzawa, BJ Kim, C Bergaud, M Fujino
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Towards inkjet printable conducting polymer artificial muscles
A Simaite, F Mesnilgrente, B Tondu, P Souères, C Bergaud
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Carbon nanofiber-PEDOT composite films as novel microelectrode for neural interfaces and biosensing
V Saunier, E Flahaut, MC Blatché, C Bergaud, A Maziz
Biosensors and bioelectronics 165, 112413, 2020
Molecular probes for thermometry in microfluidic devices
C Gosse, C Bergaud, P Löw
Thermal Nanosystems and Nanomaterials, 301-341, 2009
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