Vicente Andres
Vicente Andres
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Clonal hematopoiesis associated with TET2 deficiency accelerates atherosclerosis development in mice
JJ Fuster, S MacLauchlan, MA Zuriaga, MN Polackal, AC Ostriker, ...
Science 355 (6327), 842-847, 2017
Myogenin expression, cell cycle withdrawal, and phenotypic differentiation are temporally separable events that precede cell fusion upon myogenesis.
V Andrés, K Walsh
The Journal of cell biology 132 (4), 657-666, 1996
MyoD-induced expression of p21 inhibits cyclin-dependent kinase activity upon myocyte terminal differentiation
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Splicing-directed therapy in a new mouse model of human accelerated aging
FG Osorio, CL Navarro, J Cadiñanos, IC López-Mejía, PM Quirós, ...
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Histopathology of in-stent restenosis in patients with peripheral artery disease
M Kearney, A Pieczek, L Haley, DW Losordo, V Andres, R Schainfeld, ...
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Role of A-type lamins in signaling, transcription, and chromatin organization
V Andrés, JM González
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Telomere biology and cardiovascular disease
JJ Fuster, V Andrés
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Biological Versus Chronological Aging: JACC Focus Seminar
MR Hamczyk, RM Nevado, A Barettino, V Fuster, V Andrés
Journal of the American College of Cardiology 75 (8), 919-930, 2020
hMEF2C gene encodes skeletal muscle-and brain-specific transcription factors
JC McDermott, MC Cardoso, YT Yu, V Andres, D Leifer, D Krainc, ...
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Telomeres and cardiovascular disease: does size matter?
AL Serrano, V Andrés
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Downregulation of cyclin-dependent kinase 2 activity and cyclin A promoter activity in vascular smooth muscle cells by p27 (KIP1), an inhibitor of neointima formation in the …
D Chen, K Krasinski, A Sylvester, J Chen, PD Nisen, V Andres
The Journal of clinical investigation 99 (10), 2334-2341, 1997
A mechanism of AP-1 suppression through interaction of c-Fos with lamin A/C
C Ivorra, M Kubicek, JM González, SM Sanz-González, ...
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Remodeling of bone marrow hematopoietic stem cell niches promotes myeloid cell expansion during premature or physiological aging
YH Ho, R Del Toro, J Rivera-Torres, J Rak, C Korn, A García-García, ...
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Defective extracellular pyrophosphate metabolism promotes vascular calcification in a mouse model of Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome that is ameliorated on pyrophosphate …
R Villa-Bellosta, J Rivera-Torres, FG Osorio, R Acín-Pérez, JA Enriquez, ...
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Vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation in the pathogenesis of atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases
A Rivard, V Andrés
Histology and Histopathology, 2000
Classic and novel roles of p53: prospects for anticancer therapy
JJ Fuster, SM Sanz-González, UM Moll, V Andrés
Trends in molecular medicine 13 (5), 192-199, 2007
Fast regulation of AP-1 activity through interaction of lamin A/C, ERK1/2, and c-Fos at the nuclear envelope
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Temporally and spatially coordinated expression of cell cycle regulatory factors after angioplasty
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Aging, telomeres, and atherosclerosis
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Polypill strategy in secondary cardiovascular prevention
JM Castellano, SJ Pocock, DL Bhatt, AJ Quesada, R Owen, ...
New England Journal of Medicine 387 (11), 967-977, 2022
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