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Jean Fompeyrine
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Doubling the critical temperature of La1. 9Sr0. 1CuO4 using epitaxial strain
JP Locquet, J Perret, J Fompeyrine, E Mächler, JW Seo, G Van Tendeloo
Nature 394 (6692), 453-456, 1998
Direct observation of the alignment of ferromagnetic spins by antiferromagnetic spins
F Nolting, A Scholl, J Stöhr, JW Seo, J Fompeyrine, H Siegwart, ...
Nature 405 (6788), 767-769, 2000
Observation of antiferromagnetic domains in epitaxial thin films
A Scholl, J Stohr, J Luning, JW Seo, J Fompeyrine, H Siegwart, ...
Science 287 (5455), 1014-1016, 2000
The 2016 oxide electronic materials and oxide interfaces roadmap
M Lorenz, MSR Rao, T Venkatesan, E Fortunato, P Barquinha, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 49 (43), 433001, 2016
A strong electro-optically active lead-free ferroelectric integrated on silicon
S Abel, T Stöferle, C Marchiori, C Rossel, MD Rossell, R Erni, D Caimi, ...
Nature communications 4 (1), 1-6, 2013
Large Pockels effect in micro-and nanostructured barium titanate integrated on silicon
S Abel, F Eltes, JE Ortmann, A Messner, P Castera, T Wagner, D Urbonas, ...
Nature materials 18 (1), 42-47, 2019
Epitaxial growth and properties of doped transition metal and complex oxide films
SA Chambers
Advanced Materials 22 (2), 219-248, 2010
High- dielectrics for the gate stack
JP Locquet, C Marchiori, M Sousa, J Fompeyrine, JW Seo
Journal of Applied Physics 100 (5), 051610, 2006
Antiferromagnetic LaFeO3 thin films and their effect on exchange bias
JW Seo, EE Fullerton, F Nolting, A Scholl, J Fompeyrine, JP Locquet
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 20 (26), 264014, 2008
Determination of the antiferromagnetic spin axis in epitaxial films by x-ray magnetic linear dichroism spectroscopy
J Lüning, F Nolting, A Scholl, H Ohldag, JW Seo, J Fompeyrine, ...
Physical Review B 67 (21), 214433, 2003
Inversion mode -channel GaAs field effect transistor with high-/metal gate
JP De Souza, E Kiewra, Y Sun, A Callegari, DK Sadana, G Shahidi, ...
Applied Physics Letters 92 (15), 153508, 2008
A hybrid barium titanate–silicon photonics platform for ultraefficient electro-optic tuning
S Abel, T Stöferle, C Marchiori, D Caimi, L Czornomaz, M Stuckelberger, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 34 (8), 1688-1693, 2016
Field-effect transistors with as gate oxide
C Rossel, B Mereu, C Marchiori, D Caimi, M Sousa, A Guiller, H Siegwart, ...
Applied physics letters 89 (5), 053506, 2006
Confined epitaxial lateral overgrowth (CELO): A novel concept for scalable integration of CMOS-compatible InGaAs-on-insulator MOSFETs on large-area Si substrates
L Czornomaz, E Uccelli, M Sousa, V Deshpande, V Djara, D Caimi, ...
2015 Symposium on VLSI Technology (VLSI Technology), T172-T173, 2015
Towards large size substrates for III-V co-integration made by direct wafer bonding on Si
N Daix, E Uccelli, L Czornomaz, D Caimi, C Rossel, M Sousa, H Siegwart, ...
APL materials 2 (8), 086104, 2014
Interface formation and defect structures in epitaxial thin films on (111) Si
JW Seo, J Fompeyrine, A Guiller, G Norga, C Marchiori, H Siegwart, ...
Applied Physics Letters 83 (25), 5211-5213, 2003
Low-Loss BaTiO3–Si Waveguides for Nonlinear Integrated Photonics
F Eltes, D Caimi, F Fallegger, M Sousa, E O’Connor, MD Rossell, ...
Acs Photonics 3 (9), 1698-1703, 2016
Enhancement-mode buried-channel In0. 7Ga0. 3As/In0. 52Al0. 48 MOSFETs with high-κ gate dielectrics
Y Sun, EW Kiewra, SJ Koester, N Ruiz, A Callegari, KE Fogel, DK Sadana, ...
IEEE electron device letters 28 (6), 473-475, 2007
SrHfO3 as gate dielectric for future CMOS technology
C Rossel, M Sousa, C Marchiori, J Fompeyrine, D Webb, D Caimi, ...
Microelectronic engineering 84 (9-10), 1869-1873, 2007
Microstructure and ferroelectricity of BaTiO3 thin films on Si for integrated photonics
KJ Kormondy, Y Popoff, M Sousa, F Eltes, D Caimi, MD Rossell, M Fiebig, ...
Nanotechnology 28 (7), 075706, 2017
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