Justin V. Strauss
Justin V. Strauss
Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College
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Calibrating the cryogenian
FA Macdonald, MD Schmitz, JL Crowley, CF Roots, DS Jones, AC Maloof, ...
science 327 (5970), 1241-1243, 2010
A Cryogenian chronology: Two long-lasting synchronous Neoproterozoic glaciations
AD Rooney, JV Strauss, AD Brandon, FA Macdonald
Geology 43 (5), 459-462, 2015
Re-Os geochronology and coupled Os-Sr isotope constraints on the Sturtian snowball Earth
AD Rooney, FA Macdonald, JV Strauss, FÖ Dudás, C Hallmann, D Selby
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (1), 51-56, 2014
Continental flood basalt weathering as a trigger for Neoproterozoic Snowball Earth
GM Cox, GP Halverson, RK Stevenson, M Vokaty, A Poirier, M Kunzmann, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 446, 89-99, 2016
The stratigraphic relationship between the Shuram carbon isotope excursion, the oxygenation of Neoproterozoic oceans, and the first appearance of the Ediacara biota and …
FA Macdonald, JV Strauss, EA Sperling, GP Halverson, GM Narbonne, ...
Chemical Geology 362, 250-272, 2013
Neoproterozoic iron formation: An evaluation of its temporal, environmental and tectonic significance
GM Cox, GP Halverson, WG Minarik, DP Le Heron, FA Macdonald, ...
Chemical Geology 362, 232-249, 2013
Life: the first two billion years
AH Knoll, KD Bergmann, JV Strauss
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 371 …, 2016
Deposits from wave-influenced turbidity currents: Pennsylvanian Minturn Formation, Colorado, USA
MP Lamb, PM Myrow, C Lukens, K Houck, J Strauss
Journal of Sedimentary Research 78 (7), 480-498, 2008
Calibrating the coevolution of Ediacaran life and environment
AD Rooney, MD Cantine, KD Bergmann, I Gómez-Pérez, B Al Baloushi, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (29), 16824-16830, 2020
740 Ma vase-shaped microfossils from Yukon, Canada: Implications for Neoproterozoic chronology and biostratigraphy
JV Strauss, AD Rooney, FA Macdonald, AD Brandon, AH Knoll
Geology 42 (8), 659-662, 2014
Sedimentary talc in Neoproterozoic carbonate successions
NJ Tosca, FA Macdonald, JV Strauss, DT Johnston, AH Knoll
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 306 (1-2), 11-22, 2011
Cryogenian of Yukon
FA Macdonald, MD Schmitz, JV Strauss, GP Halverson, TM Gibson, ...
Precambrian Research 319, 114-143, 2018
Oxygen, facies, and secular controls on the appearance of Cryogenian and Ediacaran body and trace fossils in the Mackenzie Mountains of northwestern Canada
EA Sperling, C Carbone, JV Strauss, DT Johnston, GM Narbonne, ...
Bulletin 128 (3-4), 558-575, 2016
A model for Cryogenian iron formation
GM Cox, GP Halverson, A Poirier, D Le Heron, JV Strauss, R Stevenson
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 433, 280-292, 2016
Laurentian origin for the North Slope of Alaska: Implications for the tectonic evolution of the Arctic
JV Strauss, FA Macdonald, JF Taylor, JE Repetski, WC McClelland
Lithosphere 5 (5), 477-482, 2013
An early diagenetic deglacial origin for basal Ediacaran “cap dolostones”
ASC Ahm, AC Maloof, FA Macdonald, PF Hoffman, CJ Bjerrum, U Bold, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 506, 292-307, 2019
Early Neoproterozoic Basin Formation in Yukon, Canada: Implications for the make-up and break-up of Rodinia
FA Macdonald, GP Halverson, JV Strauss, EF Smith, G Cox, EA Sperling, ...
Geoscience Canada 39 (2), 77-100, 2012
Kikiktat volcanics of Arctic Alaska—Melting of harzburgitic mantle associated with the Franklin large igneous province
GM Cox, JV Strauss, GP Halverson, MD Schmitz, WC McClelland, ...
Lithosphere 7 (3), 275-295, 2015
Dynamics of a transgressive prodeltaic system: Implications for geography and climate within a Pennsylvanian intracratonic basin, Colorado, USA
PM Myrow, C Lukens, MP Lamb, K Houck, J Strauss
Journal of Sedimentary Research 78 (8), 512-528, 2008
Stratigraphy of the Port Nolloth Group of Namibia and South Africa and implications for the age of Neoproterozoic iron formations
FA Macdonald, JV Strauss, CV Rose, FŐ Dudás, DP Schrag
American Journal of Science 310 (9), 862-888, 2010
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