E Yvonne Jones
E Yvonne Jones
The Sir Andrew McMichael Professor of Structural Immunology, University of Oxford
Потвърден имейл адрес: strubi.ox.ac.uk
Antibody status and incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection in health care workers
SF Lumley, D O’Donnell, NE Stoesser, PC Matthews, A Howarth, ...
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Structural basis for the recognition of hydroxyproline in HIF-1α by pVHL
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A time-and cost-efficient system for high-level protein production in mammalian cells
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Structure of tumour necrosis factor
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Production of soluble αβ T-cell receptor heterodimers suitable for biophysical analysis of ligand binding
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A functional and structural basis for TCR cross-reactivity in multiple sclerosis
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Human inhibitory receptors Ig-like transcript 2 (ILT2) and ILT4 compete with CD8 for MHC class I binding and bind preferentially to HLA-G
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Crystal structure of the complex between human CD8αα and HLA-A2
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The human major histocompatibility complex class Ib molecule HLA‐E binds signal sequence‐derived peptides with primary anchor residues at positions 2 and 9
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MHC class II proteins and disease: a structural perspective
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Gene polymorphism in Netherton and common atopic disease
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The molecular structure of cell adhesion molecules
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The crystal structure of human CD1d with and without α-galactosylceramide
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Positional cloning of a novel gene influencing asthma from chromosome 2q14
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Complexes of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase with inhibitors of the HEPT series reveal conformational changes relevant to the design of potent non-nucleoside inhibitors
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Notum deacylates Wnt proteins to suppress signalling activity
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Crystal structure at 2.8 Å resolution of a soluble form of the cell adhesion molecule CD2
EY Jones, SJ Davis, AF Williams, K Harlos, DI Stuart
Nature 360 (6401), 232-239, 1992
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